Saturday, April 19, 2008


Can you believe I received expected packages. There are still two outstanding packages I doubt I will ever receive which now are being sent for a second time but these are others I was expecting and they came like all mail should.

I received the nicest package from Ruth in the Sockamaniac Surprise Sock Swap. She sent me a "sock potpourri" package of sock knitting goodies. She mailed it on Monday April 14 and the post man delivered it to me Friday April 18. Here is a photo of all of it minus the patterns.

Now what is all those lovely items? In the back of the above photo is the cutest sock book ever. This is the page that it opened onto when I started to look through it. How coincidental was that. Very appapro if you ask me especially if you have read the previous post about holes in socks.

Here is the yarns I received in this swap. Two yarns I don't have. This first one is Schaefer yarn in the colorway "Bugs".
This other yarn by Sisik which is a sport weight yarn.
In addition, to the little book about socks I also received two sock patterns that each would be good for the Schaefer yarn Ruth sent and a lovely note.
Being Ruth's theme is "sock potpourri" I also received a sheep tape measure, a notepad to keep track of my knitting and a moth-chaser sachet which smells lovely. It says it is formulated with natural herbs to help keep moths and vermin away from your wool for spinning and woolen (or other animal fiber) knitted goods. It contains lavender, pine and wormwood. No wonder it smells so good. Other goodies in the box included a cat that is a ring holder, a little bag and a finger puppet for Solara. Even the "princess" wasn't forgotten in this swap. I even received two lovely candles to enhance the knitting atmosphere around me. One is Cardamon and Fig and it is the one in the holder and the second one is Paper White which I could smell through the tissue paper it was wrapped it.

Now who wouldn't want to receive such a lovely swap package? Thank-you Ruth. I love it all.

When I went to retrieve my mail from my mail box in my apartment I discovered two puffies stuffed in there. They were both belated birthday gifts from the penpal group I belong to (as part of the birthday club). Yes they were mailed late but there is not a lot pressure in this group to always get things out exactly on your birthday. Here are the treats I found in them.

From Emily I received a nesting set of five beautiful cosmetic cases each one smaller than the next, a crocheted doily is PINK and edged in blue, and a lovely notepad. Thank-you Emily.From Cauleen I received a cute set of notes, a wind spinner and a card. Thank-you Cauleen.In this group we also have a MOTM (member of the month) and that particular person will receive a small treat in the mail also. I have received some lovely note paper, note cards, stickers, pens, pencils, and all kinds of things related to penpals and assorted other interesting items. We have various small swaps throughout the year related to penpals and some not relating to penpals including, candy, games, puzzles, post cards, candy, dollar store items, socks (not hand knits), etc.

Update on the sock holes. Now both circle of friendship socks have holes in the heels of them so my new sock book came just in time. Now should I make the foot of the sock in a different yarn or purchase more of the same if it is available?
My wondrous fur toddler loves the bath tub. Here she is napping. AND here she is asking for a bath.


Anonymous said...

Those are great swap packages! I hope to get your Monkey stuff in the mail this week!

Solara looks so cute sleeping in the bathtub!

Your secret Monkey pal

Rudee said...

I'm glad you liked everything Penny. How did the finger puppet go over? I thought the woven bag would be a great place to stash stitch markers. Did you get the emailed patterns?

Enjoy it all and CONGRATULATIONS on your new home. I'm happy for you.

AfternoonMoon said...

Ah, what an adorable Fur Toddler you have. Must be cooler in the tub than anywhere else. I had a kitty that loved to jump in the bathtub and go for a swim in the summer. Loved it. Would scream outside the door if he found someone taking a bath without him. Oh, sweet kitty you have...