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I received my whoduknit Birthright project for knitting the DNA. I chose to receive cotton yarn. So I found a puffy stuffed in my mailbox today and it was filled with three skeins of Sugar 'N Cream cotton Stripes. We no longer can get Sugar 'N Cream cotton yarns here only Lilly Handicrafter which I don't find as soft. Here are the three skeins I found in my puffy:


First I have completed my special project. Those who live near me and attend knitting get togethers with me know what it is. BUT for the rest of you a photo won't be posted until it is received JIC my friend Provi reads my blog. I don't want her to find out until she gets it.

I have also finished another project for the whoduknit yahoo group. We read The Last Kashmiri Rose for March.

I chose to make a bag from recycled sari silk I had in my stash. If I had more time I would have made a tote bag but due to the shortage of time instead I made the Unbiased Bag from I have calls out for some funky fabric to line it with and I will also look for a unique button to close the bag with. You would think with all the fabric I have there would be something in my stash BUT no such luck. I think using a lining fabric will stiffen the bag and give it a bit more shape and having a closure is always a plus. I took this photo outside hoping it would photograph better and the color would show up better. It almost blew away it was so windy out there. BUT look carefully there is NO SNOW!!!! Here is a close up taken inside. If you can't tell the bag is knit in all garter stitch. Four identical parts which are sewn together. I changed the handle just a bit. I was talking to a friend and telling her I was going to decrease the handle to nine stitches from 10 and do an icord as I felt it would hold up better. She suggested I take an idea from the Sophie bag and make three icords braiding them together when completed (not done on the Sophie Bag) which is what I did but I don't think you can tell from the picture. I had to wind a fourth skein into a ball for this project but used very little of it. I just used some to sew up one of the seams and add to the handle.

I have almost two full skeins left and really would like to make the tote I found online. When I knit this I knit a strand of Fiddlesticks JaggerSpun Zephry color Mahogany along with the recycled sari silk for reinforcement as many areas of the recycled sari silk is very very thin. The bag has a lovely feel to it.

S = STASH More Newly Acquired Yarns

Now you must know that in this collection of yarns I have yarn to make two pair of socks. This sock yarn ISN'T STASH. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash but since it all acquired at the same time I am listing it here. These yarns were obtained last Thursday during Bobmas Eve. Photos of that to follow. Bobmas Eve is the celebration of Ravelry's first year of being. Of course, the eve represents it is the evening before the actual first day of the year's anniversary. Bobmas Eve was celebrated at the FXX. We thought it would be fun if everyone attending who wanted to brought yarns they wished to destash. Most all of these destashed yarns found new homes. There was very few special yarns that would be finding a new home where they would be made into items to be donated to those less fortunate. AND now on to yarns who have found there way into my home becoming my newly acquired stash and SOCK YARNS.

These first two are my new sock yarns. Imagine giving away sock yarns. There were other sock yarns but I didn't want to be greedy and I was so happy with these. These two yarns helped make my evening very special and if I didn't take home any other stash I would have still been very happy. This first sock yarn is Knit Picks Essential in the color way Shoreline Twist. This is Regia Kaffe Fassett sock yarn in the color way Landscape Fog.
Now on to my newly acquired stash.Some yummy Noro Kureyon. AND here is some more wool for felting.
I found some nice cotton for cloths, towels and bags. This first one is a 340g size skein. I have never had any black cotton. I am sure this will come in handy. HMMM Black and white cotton. I still have some white cotton from the cone I received as a birthday gift.
A few fancies are also good to have. There is even a place for eyelash yarns. They edge socks and are good in scarves. I may even have more of the eyelash and boa in my stash.
This green chenille would be nice for a Christmas stocking. There is four part balls.
Some acrylic is good to have. Apparently they are the yarn of choice to crochet the Amigurumis.

I didn't even realise I took this greet Bernat Berella 4 home as it was in the bag under the Green Chenille.
When Shelagh and I first got to the FXX she handed me two skeins of cotton because they were pink for my pink fix.
AND if that isn't enough NEW STASH, last week I received yarn from a fellow knitter also destashing. Look at what I got. More pink yarn. AND more cotton yarns. These two are also 100% cotton. This first one is more coral and a bit lighter than the photo shows. AND I have some old Marnel patterns which I should be able to use with these yarns. There are 11 of each colorway.

So who all was at the Bobmas Eve. Here are some photos. We all had on name tags so we would not only know who we were but what our Ravelry names are and we could put a face to a ravelry ravatar.

Hi smiling Andrea.
Shelagh is holding the bag with the names for the prize draw.

This is one of the prizes. Two skeins of Crystal Palace Panda Cotton donated by Mona of Wolseley Wardrobe who due to personal previous committments was unable to attend. Mona also donated a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. Several of the participants in the event also donated prizes. Oh by the way I didn't win a prize at Bobmas Eve.
The table starting to pile up with yarn that is needing new homes.
Lots and lots of yarn needed new homes.
Our group of knitters at Bobmas Eve consisted of several different groups of gals who knit at different areas in the city and some that just belong to ravelry and may not got to knitting together evenings. We had so much fun we are hoping to do it again during the summer.

I must add the food at the FXX was delicious. I had the G-dfather Sandwich with a Greek Salad. Later I had a cold coffee drink. Their desserts looked just fabulous.

Tomorrow I will post my answer to topic #3 in the Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap. I have a physio appt in the afternoon and will be going knitting in the evening. Life is tough. I have a choice of two places to go and knit tomorrow evening. Wherever I go I will be taking my monkey socks. I am drying out now as I have just finished swimming in the frog pond. Both sock cuffs had a error or something wrong or funny in them and it made me very unhappy. They both have to be almost completely reknit. The mistakes weren't at the same place. One cuff had two more rows completed. I loved how they were coming out and did check for mistakes as I knit but I wasn't able to see them until I was ready to start the monkey pattern. It is good these are easy, fast and fun socks to knit. When the cuffs have been completed again I will post a teaser photo of them.

Since my Solara is keeping the toilet seat warm for me again I will put an old photo of her on it instead of one I just took that is still in my camera.
I keep wondering if she thinks she is doing what I do when I go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet.

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