Thursday, November 12, 2009


This is way way too funny. I hope you enjoy this you tube video especially all my cat and kitty loving friends.

YUP, I have had the first surgery to repair my left torn medical meniscus.

AND here is what it looks like under the dressing.

Yesterday I went to the ortho clinic and had the stitches under the steri strips removed. I also had a small sebaceous cyst removed. I am getting a referral for physio. My knee (the one repaired) continues to be swollen, warm, and I still feel like one bone is riding over another. The clicking remains also. Sometimes it is just a noise but most times it actually hurts. Meanwhile the right knee also remains swollen, and painful. I guess the repair of the right knee will be in Jan. I should find out after my next visit to see the surgeon on Dec 17. Of course, after I get there for my appt (3:30PM) the receptionist tells everyone he was called back to the OR and will about 1/2. He was gone close to an hour and I was the last of the seven patients to be seen. I was told that I am going to need new knees. I hope I can keep my old ones for a long while yet, BUT........

Now that is over I am waiting to hear when I will have a repair of my left middle finger which is locking. This is the seventh finger that has locked on me and needed to be released. I even had to have one finger fixed twice. I started this procedure by trying to see the doctor in Feb and finally got in in June and have been trying to get it set up only the receptionist wants to do her own thing not what I want or what has been done before.

I have received a couple of swaps to show off and brag about. Late but better late than never.

Knitting Goodness

This first is my whoduknit Halloween swap which I should have posted in the previous blog as I did receive it before Halloween.

I received some lovely yarns. This first yarn is Fruity Toes Sock Yarn by Etsy Treasury and it's name is Vampire's Cocktail. My partner was told of my dislike of orange and orange is one of the main colors of Halloween and of the fall but I do like the deep reds of fall as well as black (bats, witches, cauldrons) and white (ghosts).

I also received two other different sock yarns.

This one is Regia Flusi das socken-Monster color 01804.

This one is Deborah Norville Serenity Sock weight yarn color purple spice #104.

I received knitting accessories.

First this lovely pattern,

Some wonderful tiny stitch markers are in this tin.

Aren't they adorable?

Some needles and a Chibi.

The cutest little project bag with a pattern of wonderful kitties.

I received Halloween goodies also, stickers and hanging spider.

Some of my treats came in these cute plastic Halloween bags.

AND a few others in this very neat little bag especially for Halloween.

These are cards. Here is one side

and here is the other side.

There also was editable in my TOT swap box. I not only got flowering tea but also information on flowering tea,

to kinds of fudge,

and cheddar cheese dressed up as a Halloween pumpkin.

Lastly there were a couple of books which I haven't read yet.

The next swap I received was my Fall Starbucks swap from rdodo all the way from England.

This is what I saw when I opened the lid of the box.

Inside my box I found this lovely Starbucks Christmas ornament. It is just like the one I sent to my partner. Now I have one also.

Of course, there was Lots of yarn. This first is Collinette Jitterbug (fingering weight sock yarn) in the colorway Moss. I have always wanted to try Jitterbug and now I can.

Next there were two skeins of this sock yarn called Cortina. Two people on ravelry faved it as soon as I stashed it.

AND there was this most lovely lace weight white yarn with 1200 meters of 90% merino and 10% nylon in the one skein. It is very yummy.

I received this chocolate bar which is long gone but I still have the wrapper.

Here are 15 lovely stitch markers.

AND here they are separated into groups of matching markers.

Also, in the box were these two little sock pattern booklets.
Here are close-ups of two different patterns I liked; one from each booklet.

I was also sent a Starbucks card but it can't be loaded with UK pounds that can be converted to Canadian dollars and used here so it is for show only and to use as a bookmark.

Lastly. and I hope I haven't forgotten anything I was made this scarf. It was hand woven in perfect colors for me. The photo doesn't do it justice.

This is probably going to be the last post on this blog. I am having so much problems with it. I am going to start a new blog in January and I hope I don't have as many difficulties. This blog entry will most likely be posted in Jan when under this I can list the new blog address. I can't seem to do anything with the side bar as the scroll part doesn't work, I can't change the publishing date after it has sat in the draft part of the blog. I can't change the amount of posts showing up when you pull it up. I also can no longer do the edit paste on the compose area of the blog but only on the edit htlm area. AND I am constatnly having to adjust the spaces between what I write even after I have previously adjusted it. These are just some of the problems I am having and I don't know if anyone else has them. AND also I only have about 10% space to use for photos now. Have I used 90% of the allowable photo space since I started my blog a couple years ago??? WOW!!!!