Sunday, June 28, 2009


.... AND it is so beautiful.

This is my first rose from my newly transplanted rose bush. The first photo was taken yesterday Saturday in the rain when I realized it had opened.

This picture was taken today. When I bent down to smell the rose it was faint but such a heavenly scent. I have had a craving for baked macaroni for a while and with all the rain I decided it was time to make it. I would like to share some but all I can share with you is the photo of it. It really tasted good. I topped it with canned fried onions to give it an extra nice crunch.

Knitting Goodness

I received my Ravelry Tea and More group Summer Tea Swap from Stacy and she did good. I got some very lovely items. Of course she sent me yarn. This is the yarn I found in my swap box.

First this lovely Cascade 220 Paints in a luscious deep red and black colorway,

this very soft 100% bamboo yarn called Be Sweet, and two skeins of a PINK ribbon yarn from Crystal Palace called Party.
Stacy also knit me two PINK dishcloths which will NEVER touch a dish. For my dishclothghan I hope to put together one day.
It is a tea swap and here is my tea. Not only did I get tea to drink Twinings Green Jasmine Tea but I also received Tea candy. AND it tastes just like tea. It is so good.
Even Solara was treated well in the swap. Look at what she got, another box of Friskie Party Treats and Catch of the Day Treats. She is just so spoiled.

I also found some wonderful stickers, magnetic note pad, PINK heart button, small point protectors and little curly thingys to hold DPNs together. They have already been put to use. I am going to put the stickers on my next swap packages I mail.
AND then the next day or was it the day before I found this in my mailbox. I tried to enter a Debbie Macomber contest and wasn't able to b/c I live in Canada. On her site there was a contact me link and so I wrote to them letting them know I was unable to fill out the form as there wasn't any place for a Canadian city and province. I really didn't expect to hear back and was surprised when I got a reply. It was an apology that whoever put the contest together didn't vet it well enough and Canada got left out. As an apology gift I was going to be sent Debbie Maccomber's next book. It is even autorgraphed. I won't be giving this away.

It is now July 5 AND a week and weekend after I started this post and I still haven't finished my blog post. Sad news is my rose is no more. It sure was pretty when it was in full bloom.

BUT I have been keeping busy. Some of my being busy was knitting. I have finished my Cookie A Sunshine Socks which was the pattern chosen by the Ravelry Cookie A KAL group to knit in June . It was a very easy pattern. More photos are on my ravelry project page.

AND I also knitted and felted some hand cuffs as my project for the mystery book The Husband by Dean Koonz I read for the whoduknit yahoo group I belong to. Here is my victim tied to a tree with the hand cuffs and a chain (AKA Marley's Ghost from Knitty and knit by the victim herself). The cuffs weren't fully felted when I took this photo.

They are much smaller now that they are fully felted.

I am in three sock KAL this month with the third not needing to be completed until August 31. The first is the Ravelry Cookie A KAL and the pattern this month is Rick. I have been so very busy this month I haven't had much time to get much knitting done and so far this is all I have completed and there are two & 1/2 socks I need to complete. I am finding the pattern very easy to knit. I hope the foot is as easy. It has a big chart and both the left and the right feet are different as they are mirror images.

I will also be knitting Eunice for the KAL in the Ravelry Makin' Cookies once these are finished. I will be knitting these in a PINK DIC Smooshy yarn.

For the 2009 Sock Pentathlon I will be knitting a mosaic sock using a solid and a multi skein of Lorna Laces in a plum color.

Because I am using my Cookie A Sock Innovation book so much I decided to cut the spine and put a spiral binding on it. By the time I got it to the shop to have it done I had broken the spine. It was very reasonable. It was $2.15 and with the taxes it was $2.41. I know some of you out there are probably upset that I would do this to a book but believe me it due to all the usage this book is getting and will continue to get it has been great. If I could have laminated each page I would have loved to do that also. Some gals in the Cookie A KAL group have even had the cover laminated.

Oh and my Tupperware has been delivered. This is what I purchased at my party last month. I was able to order these two very large tumblers for attending a party (mine).

This mini pickle keeper was $10 and half of it went to a charity. I am trying it out as a feta cheese holder.

I meant to get these way back many years ago when I sold Tupperware but never did so I bought then using what FREE money I earned. The photo was of them in blues and greens. When I looked in my bag and saw these, Oh my Gag Me ORANGE. The color was a BIG disappointment.

I purchased the peeler as my half price item. It is extremely expensive for a peeler BUT it peels an orange and leaves the white pith on the orange giving a nice clean orange rind which is good for cooking and baking. I did check before I bought it. You can also change the angle of the peeler
This is the FREE bowl I received for holding the party.

For all you who read my blog for photos of the princess here she is.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


WOW it is a magical miracle drug. I can type without any pain now. I saw my plastics doctor who has fixed six locking fingers, both wrists, elbows and removed numerous lumps and bumps due to my disease this past Monday. While I was there I showed him my wrist which he thought was quite swollen. It wasn't the swollen wrist that bothered me as much as the soft lump and the pain when I typed. I could type maybe three lines and I was in just agony. I had three x-rays taken at the hospital after I left his office a few blocks from the his office and filled a prescription for a gel to put on my wrists (the right hurts more than the left which hurts only occasionally). The prescription is for Diclofenac 4%. You can get 1% over the counter without a script. In English, it is called Voltaren. My doctor thought it could be rheumatoid arthritis but he wasn't 100% sure so he requested I have the x-rays taken. If it is he is going to send me to a rheumotoidolgist. I was curious about the soft lump on both the wrists which is larger on the right but he said that can be a sign of rheumotoid arthritis. The gel cost me close to $20.00, $13.00 which was in dispensing fees as they have to make it and it is in a small bill bottle size container with a false bottom and NOT filled to the top so it looks like you get more than you do. I know it is working as NOT having pain for several days this past week I didn't put the gel on for a day and WOW the next day I couldn't type again. I certainly know better now NOT to skip applying it. Live and learn as the saying goes. I only hope that this treatment works and all of a sudden it doesn't stops.

I guess I should wish all the deserving dads out there a HAPPY FATHER"S DAY.

Now to do some bragging of my latest two swap packages I received.

Knitting Goodness

Sometime about two week ago I received my the 5th Ravelry Coffee Chocolate and Yarn Swap Package from Pam in Kansas. She sent it early and I received it very quickly but with all the pain I was having in my wrists all I could do was send a personal thank-you to her at the time. Needless to say she really spoiled me.

I received Ethiopian Sidaimo coffee beans from The Spice Merchant. It smells sooooo good.

From the Spice Merchant Pam also purchased for me Lychee Nut Jasmine flowering tea. Now I need the tea pot for flowering tea. It is clear so you can see the buds when they open into flowers as the tea steeps.

Also, from the Spice Merchant was two packages of tea leaves Hibicus Flower and an Iced Tea Blend. I can't wait to try them.

There was lots of candy in my package also. AND it wasn't melted when I received it. Can you see all the mini Hershey Bars. YUM YUM. I have a few left. There was also chocolate fudge which is almost gone, dark choclate squares and lots and lots of Jelly Bellys. I love Jelly Bellys. I have my favorites BUT the only ones I really don't like and won't eat are the licorice (black) Jelly Bellys.

AND yes there was yarn in my package. Look at this lovely sock yarn. It is sooooo soft. It is Happy by Wendy. I think it is from England and is also made by Patons. The yarn is 75% bamboo and 25% nylon.
I also received some wonderful fluff to spin when I get good at it. I am going to save it until I spin a lot better than I do now or until I have that spinning wheel I want. Look at what this fluff Dawn's Roving from Custer Cottage consists of. It has the neatest PINK feathers in it to spin into the yarn. This is melt in your mouth spinning fluff. The name says it all Flashy Flamingo.
Now check out this PINK Flax (100% linen). My heart stopped when I saw all this PINK yarn and fluff and the colors are so gorgeous too.

I received lots of other goodies. Pam sent me this very adorable knitting case to put my accessories in. You can see how stuffed it is already. I put the white paper in so you see the cute design on the case. That must be a cartoon of Solara and I.
I found this very cute button in the above case. It has a great saying and I have already worn it several times and get quite a few comments when I wear it.

Also, tucked in the knitting case was this adorable sheep stitch marker for my knitting and my sheep collection.
Two mystery books and I haven't read either. I have sent On What Grounds to Swap partners but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. They both are on my reading list now. I am currently reading the latest Joe Grey PI mystery Cat Playing Cupid I was able to take out of the libray and when it is in paperback I will get it to add to my collection. And between the two new mysteries are Lace Knitting cards with lovely patterns. It wasn't on my wish list but after having seen it at the LBS I definitley was contemplating purchasing it eventually. Now I don't. I have already picked out a couple patterns in it I really like. One has beads on it.
These were also tucked in the plastic knitting accessory case. Another tape measure for my collection. I must have about 20 now. Who knew there were so many different tape measures. I haven't lost any in the black hole for a while. There were two yarn bras, two magnetic book marks my favorite kind of book mark (one with a pic of a kitty on it and one with food [cheeses] on it) and a couple of coffee candies.
I have a feeling I may have forgotten something. If so I am very sorry as it probably has been put to use.

You have to agree I was well spoiled by Pam. AND Pam's package is ready to be mailed the end of this week

Thank-you Pam for putting together a wonderul swap package for me.

The second swap package I received was my Ravelry Felted Bag Swap #1. Yes there is going to be another Ravelry Felted Bag Swap. I am glad b/c besides knitting socks and shawls and learning to read charts I enjoy knitting bags and felted bags also. Even thought Jessica was late in sending her package to me it was well worth the wait. The bag she knit and felted for me was stunning. I have shown it about and have received many compliments on it. The roses are so beautiful. So what do you think of my new bag?
Here is the inside which she lined for me. Aren't the PINK handles lovely.

My dear little oops large princess Solara also received treats. She waits for my packages as excited as I do and when they arrive she sits on the box and hopes there is something inside it for her also. Most times there is.

Jessica is from California and she adores Mickey Mouse so I got a stuffed Mickey Mouse and a post card. Guess what I bought myself from Avon today. I hope I like it? The new Minnie Mouse pocket book in red. I can't wait to see it. See I love Mickey and Minnie also.

Is this key chain a blast. Property of Alcatraz Penitentiary. I love it.

AND there was candy for MOI. Delicious milk chocolate with caramel filling squares by Ghirardelli. As you can see there is one special square with almonds. I have eaten that one already and most of the others. I had company when it arrived on Thursday and shared some HA ONE piece of the candy with my friend who was over to have BBQ dinner with me.

Lastly, Jessica sent me some other little goodies. The cutest coin purse shaped like a kitty, a bookmark with my initial "P" on it, a tin of candy, note cards with my initial "P" on the front and really cute sticky notes with a picture of a kitty. I love and use lots of sticky notes when I am knitting and up at my computer.

Thank-you very much Jessica for a great swap package and a beautiful felted bag.

What else has been going on in my life?

I finally finished digging up the sod for this year in my front yard for my garden.

AND put my plants and seeds in.

Here is a close up of the tomato plants.

In the backyard I planted a rhubarb root,

and a PINK smelly rose bush I got as a gift from my friend Shelagh.

This is how big the Lamb's Ear is this year and I only planted a small piece of it last summer which I also received from Shelagh. It is Lamb's Ear on steriods.

Here is my Columbine.

AND here is a close up of the flowers.

These are the Texas Tulips I received as a house warming gift last year.

Here is another great photo of my other Tulips.

AND here is a photo to show how large the leaves have grown.

Now what has the princess been up to while I was working away in my garden. Trying to get back inside the house. She couldn't wait to get outside and as soon as I put the lease on her and put her outside all she did was meow and look at the door going back inside.

When I finally let her inside she stayed in there showing absoulutly no interest in going back outside. In fact, when I would open the door she would go in the other direction further in the house, yet until the door was open she would be sitting in front of it. Silly little girl

I did put up my new unbrella in the little hole in my plastic picnic table but haven't put the mesh around it. I was waiting until I filled the top planter in my backyard with new top soil as once the mesh around the patio table is set up it is quite large and I didn't think the wheel barrow would get in my yard also. AND I am waiting for the on slaugh of mosquitos which will be any day now.
I have been knitting too.

I am still knitting away on my Cookie A Sunshine socks. I may even make a second pair in August. It is really a very easy pattern and easy to memorize. I am just taking my time as I know next month will be a big knit month.

Here is a close up.

What does the princess do while I knit. Sometimes she sits at my feet. YUP you read that correctly. She sits at my feet. Not on my lap and annoy me. Or she sleeps on a pillow. Talk about a life!!!!

It rained on June 11. I don't remember it being a heavy rain or a lot of rain but then maybe it was and I forgot but I managed to take this photo and don't remember any rain before I took it. I was in the car heading to the yearly meeting for my co-op I reside in.

I should also let you know that SP 14 is still open to join up until Monday June 22. I don't know what time it closes but it was extended. So if that interests you by all means join.

I am working on not only finishing up my Ravelry Coffee Chocolate and Yarn Swap #6 which I will be sending Pam. No it isn't a secret swap. I am also finishing up my Ravelry Tea and More June Summer Swap which I plan to also send out the end of this week. In July there will be the July Color Swap for the Ravelry Tea and More group. Also, the Ravelry Color Swap will be having it's 4th swap with partners being given out July 1. It usually is a secret swap. I bet you can't guess what color I will choose (again). AND then there will be another Ravelry Felted Bag Swap but when that will start I don't know.

Click the link for an interesting hat pattern from Materialed Whirled.

There is another contest over at Darcy's Knotty Knitter. If you haven't seen the work of Karen Snyders “KaratStix" you certainly need to check it out. What lovely items she sells. I wasn't able to get into her etsy shop but did get into her flicker account and saw lots of very interesting items.

One person will win the socks rule guage keyring and little sock stitch markers. To enter go here and follow the instructions to enter. Don't forget to mention I sent you. Then I get another entry in the contest.

Here is a super easy contest to enter
All you have to do is leave a comment (with a way to contact you - either email address or Rav id) telling sawkmonkey either your favourite book/author, or favourite music (band, artist, album, whatever!). Both would be fine too! She will pick a winner on Canada Day (July 1). Anyone can enter cuz she is willing to ship anywhere.

Over at there is a contest to name their newest alpaca. The contest ends June 30 so you still have lots of time to enter. The winner will get a $25 gift card from Alpaca Direct. So go and have fun naming a newbie alpaca.