Friday, April 25, 2008


So they say it is spring here. Judge for yourself.

Of course, what you can't see is all the snow coming down. These were taken yesterday. This morning the streets were iced over and very slippery. By afternoon a bit of the ice had melted leaving not only ice to slip on but puddles of cold water to wade through. There is still a lot of snow. AND it feels like November or December out there.

Today was my last day Hilltop. I had two visits. Before I left I checked my mail and found a notice that there was a package for me at the postal outlet???????? I had been home since just about 9:30AM and there was nothing in my mailbox when I came home from Hilltop. Why the postal workers don't actually ring my buzzer to let me know I have a package is beyond me. So on the way home from Hilltop after my second visit I stopped at the postal outlet to see what was there. It was a book from the book club I didn't order so I taped it back up and sent it on its way back where it came from. When I got in the apt building I noticed there was something in my mailbox again. Guess what another notice that something else was attempted to be delivered while I was out and YES I did notice on call display someone rang my buzzer but didn't leave a message. I think it was the postman with whatever it was he was trying to deliver. I didn't go and get it as I was tired and it was cold out so I will go for it tomorrow. Instead I ended up having a nap until an Avon customer phoned to place an order.

Tuesday I went knitting at Mona's. It was Mona's birthday and there was cake and snacks. Well most times there are snacks but these were a bit more special since it was a birthday party. YES if you look close you can see Mona's birthday cake on the table along with wine. There was also soda. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONA!! I wasn't too happy with my Monkey socks for my Monkey swap partner. Part is I guess I am not crazy over the colorway and I am not sure it would fit my partner. I tried it on one of the gals at Mona's on Tuesday. So despite having one leg completed and one leg half completed I put the stitches of each sock on a piece of yarn and have started to re-knit it with an different yarn. Here is the new yarn being wound into a center pull skein at Mona's on Tuesday evening. This time knitting the sock feels good.

I read on ravelry about the talk of knitted men's thongs etc last week at Mona's which I missed b/c I was supposed to attend my Manitoba knitting group at McNally's which I wasn't able to go to either due to not feeling so great so I decided to bring in my knitted thong for the gals to see. It is on my projects page in ravelry but seeing it in person is much more fun. Two of the gals tried it on despite it being so small. Here is the "white sock with red ribbon".
The new challenge is to knit this "sock" in hot pink and one of the gals will try it on. I don't think there will be photos on the blog of this but it should be fun. I won't be able to start this until after my move since I will have to see if I can adjust the pattern to actually fit.

I have received some new stash from a friend who was destashing. A concept I really don't understand. I will put photos of my stash acquisition in another blog post later.

Oh I woke my baby up from her nap.

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Misstea said...

Jeez, now I'm wishing I'd shaved my legs. However, happy to help. Always.

Glad you had a good time!