Monday, April 28, 2008


WOO HOO I got a package in the mail today. Can you believe it, a package didn't get lost and made it's way to my place. It was swap package. My Monkey Sock Swap package. AND what a package it was. My lovely partner for this swap is Dotty. Dotty also remembered my Solara when she sent my package. Solara received a catnip toy which she discovered on her own when she went into the box while I was checking out all my treats. She became a real funny cat once she found it playing in the box with her catnip toy. The box was just stuffed with monkey treats, monkey socks, a monkey nitie wrapped in monkey paper, monkey goodies (plates, napkins and sheep pot holders) for my new home also wrapped in monkey paper, two different color sock yarns, stitch markers, monkey pens, a neat monkey card, and Cookie A's Marilinda Sock Pattern. Lookie at what I got. First of course my socks. Look at how they came with the label. And I received the left over yarn from the socks also. The yarn is Araucania Ranco Solid in color #110 Pink. Yummy socks indeed. Here they are unfolded. AND here they are on my feet. A perfect fit. Aren't you a bit jealous? I also received several neat monkey items including a PINK monkey nitie which I am saving to use on my first night in my new home, a PINK sock bag with kitties on it (further down you can see some of the cute kitty photos from the bag), some lovely PINK stitch markers, treats for my new house (monkey napkins, monkey plates and sheep pot holders), Curious George pens and a lovely monkey card. Of course, there was sock yarn in my package also and I received yarn to knit two pair of socks. This is also a yarn I have not heard of. It is so nice to get sock yarns that are new to me.

Here is the yarn to knit pair of socks in PINK, and yarn to knit another pair in blue. The Cookie A pattern I received was the Marilinda Sock Pattern. I listed two I liked so Dotty could have a choice in which to send me. I can't wait to try it. I wonder if it is as easy and as fun as the Monkey socks are to knit. Here are some of the cute kitties on my sock bag. Don't you agree they are cute? I have already packed my sock bag with my Monkey socks in progress to take with me to my Avon meeting tonight. I also received a treat for Solara but she got into the box and took it slobbering all over it before I could get a photo just it. I did get photos of her with it and in the box all my goodies came in. I also got some video of her playing with her catnip mouse. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to upload it to youtube. I can't seem to change the file to an .avi or .wmv file from windows movie maker?????? Can someone help me please?

So here are some photos of her playing with her toy. It is pink and black and if you look closely you will see it.
I did it. I did it. I got my video of Solara on youtube. I hope this works out. Enjoy.
I can't believe that I did it. It works.


Dotty said...

Solara is hilarious. I am glad that you and she like the goodies I sent.

Eva said...

Wandered over here from the Monkey Swap site to admire your swap goodies and wound up loving the Solara flick as well. I just love when cats try to cram themselves into spaces they don't really fit into. Feels like me and my jeans on some days.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful monkey swap package you received, I loved watching your cat in the box playing, my cat does just the same every time theres an empty box around. Your Monkey Socks in progress look lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love Solara in the box. I hope the socks fit you half as well as that box fit the cat.