Monday, April 21, 2008


YUP I am now going to quite busy with packing for my move and Avon having two week campaigns. Add to that I made a Hilltop Study today. I picked up soap Dove to use for the conditioning period. It is an arm wash this time. I usually make them but when I got my soap my arms were borderline dry. Today they seem to still have patchy areas of borderline dryness and some areas drier so I qualified. It is three times a day through Thursday and twice on Friday. I am even going to dry out for another study in May. May 2 is soap pickup which is Ivory and the study is May 5 - May 9 but only once a day if I make it. It totals about 10 hours but Monday is about four hours and two days only have 30 minute visits. Each day is different. With my move and all the added expenses this money is definitely going to come in handy. The post office now charges to put a change of address in. It is $37 for six months and $68 if you choose to have the change last for 12 months. At one time it was free.

I have been very busy packing. There are 20 boxes of books (not all knitting) packed in those boxes from my LR alone. I have a copy of everything in those boxes so if I want something I know what box it is in. Here are some of my candle holders I will have to pack. AND here is a very funny knickknack I have on my computer desk. The thing is every time I start to pack and I look around I feel so overwhelmed I sit down and knit. Thus, no packing gets done.

Solara loves all the boxes in the apartment. She checks everyone out for fit and comfort.

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