Saturday, April 19, 2008


YUP. The wait for my co-op is finally over. On April 4 I got a call asking me if I was interested in a unit available for April 15. I almost was in tears when I had to turn them down. That was only 11 days away. I couldn't take it b/c I couldn't afford to keep two places for a month and a half. I just can't afford it no matter how much I wanted it. BUT then I was offered a unit for June 1. YES!!!!! I was told a reference check ( credit and rental history) needed to be done first and I should know my mid week. I know my credit and rent history for the last 14 years has been good but mid week came and went. I called Friday and was told they hadn't even done the check yet and something about a name change?????? BUT not to worry they would do it Monday and she (the girl on the phone with me) said she didn't think there would be a problem. Only she doesn't know me and my capacity to worry and stress myself over things needlessly. Again Monday came and went as did Tuesday and then Wednesday was over. I thought I don't want to be a pest so if I haven't heard by Friday I will call again. I am in the meantime collecting boxes too afraid to pack for fear I will have to just unpack them. Why? When I know my credit and rent history are good. Then first thing Thursday morning the call came saying everything was fine and asking when I wanted to come in with the share fee for the unit. It is a co-op and the share fee which was $800 four years ago is now $1000. Thanks to the big study I did at Hilltop it is in my bank account just waiting. I told them I would be there later in the afternoon. AND so Thursday afternoon I signed on the dotted line of an awful lot of papers. I asked when I could have the key and was told the family in there is moving out this coming week. My girlfriend who lives there and I will be able to see from my door has told me there are already several green bags of garbage outside. It takes about three weeks after the family leave before I can get a key to the unit and when I do whatever needs to be done will have been completed. Thus, by the middle of May I should have the key to my new place. The closest thing to my own home I will get unless I win the lotto. My new place comes with a gas stove, gas dryer, fridge, parking with a plug, heat, water, electricity and cable TV with all channels except the digital one. I will have my own door bell, mail box, thermostat, water tank and green space. No one is going to change the water on me while I have a shower and I will control my heat. Presently the heat is on in my place as I type and it is suffocatingly hot in here. Strange when it is cold there is no heat coming out of the radiator. All the units in the co-op in turn are getting new counters and cupboards. Some are getting new fridges and stoves. The one I wasn't able to take has all new in it including paint and flooring (carpet and tile). I hope I also get all new carpet, flooring, stove and fridge. I won't know for a while but for now I have started to pack. I have packed 20 boxes of books and that is only from my living room and two boxes of things off the plate rail which had to be washed first for all the dust on grime on them. I can't express how excited I am. I have given notice to the management company and not only subleted my apt but also the apt of the family moving into my suite. But there is still so much to do.
Now to see where I am moving click here and scroll down to the maps. The left side are the town houses. To find my townhouse take the road on the left from the top and go to the first road going into the townhouses to the right and go into the townhouses. If I remember correctly mine is in the second group of town homes on the right (botton). The ones that look like an L. My specific unit is right near the road. It is the second one in and if you look closely you can see what looks like a triangle. In actuality there is a pine tree right behind my fence that screens in my green space. The first unit in the townhouses on the left side (top) along the road is the office and shed. If you go to the side bar on the left and click on photos you can see the town houses and if you click on plans and then scroll down and click on Carpathia Road Floor Plans you will first see the floor plan of what I am going to have (the two bedroom unit). So until I have an actual photo this is the best I can do to show and describe my new place.

AND what is my sweet feline furchild Solara doing during all this? See for yourself. She is sitting on the radiator.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo happy for you!!!!!! I had a look at the floor plans and the pictures and it looks like a great place. I am very excited that you will be getting your 'own' home. I must include a house warming gift in your Monkey parcel....

Will there be radiators for Solara to lay on?

Your super secret Monkey swap pal

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Penny!

I'm very happy for you. Wishing you a painless move and lots of happy days in your new home.

Jane (harvest sock pal)

Stephanie... said...

Wooo Hooo. That's fabulous news Penny!!!! Can you paint in your own colors? AND you can have your own garden, too? Happy New Home.