Sunday, September 30, 2007


To start off Andrea how do you make a link using a word such as blog, here etc in a blog without writing out the entire link? I did see it in your comment and on other's blogs but I don't know how to do it . Can you explain it to me? BUT it was cute very cute putting that link in there. AND notice I didn't remove it?

PHEW finished some knitting projects and some are just in time for mailing.

The Monkey Socks for the Monkey Swap are finished. They need to do some traveling and say good bye to a few friends. Then they will have a bath. I am working on another monkey item for my pal. If I don't like it or it doesn't come out the way it should I won't send it. Can you tell what it will be?

And here are the completed Monkey socks. I hope my pal likes them.
The color is a bit off but you get the idea of how nice they are. They also match up quite well except for a couple rows at the toe where the front and back are opposite.(??????)
They are a little bit too big for me so they should fit my pal's feet since her foot is a tad larger than mine. I have had many compliments on them. Are those hints for a pair?
I have several other goodies in the box for my pal. Everywhere I look now I see monkey items. Oh my poor pocketbook and the Monkey Swap isn't due to be mailed until the end of the month.

I have made the neatest item for my Knit One Tea Too pal. Well at lest I think so. What do all of you reading my blog think?
Here they are right out of the oven and even frosted. LOL
These first two are a strawberry cupcake with strawberry frosting and chocolate sprinkles and a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.

These next are a vanilla cupcake with a coconut frosting and chocolate sprinkles and a black forest cupcake. Unfortunately, some of the cherry filling leaked out of the cupcake.

AND this is how they are being presented. I hope they survive the trip south of where I live.
OH and all the cupcakes as you see have a cherry on top and the calories removed. HMMMM YUMMMY!!

AND here is a photo of my Solara lying on a hot spot she found on the heated mattress cover on my bed.

To be continued......


aniexma said...

The cupcakes are fabulous. You're sawp pal will love them!

Anonymous said...

there should be an icon at the top when you are composing your post - it looks like a little globe and a chain - right click on the word/phrase you want to use as the link, and a little box will appear in which you can type the link.


BTW - keep an eye on your mailbox!

Dorothy said...

The cupcakes are TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those cupcakes!

Christmas Swap partner

Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes are really cute, where did you get the "recipe" for them...I'd love to make them for another swap I'm doing...
Just giving you a bag progress report: Nearly done the bag itself, and I have your yarn and pattern, I just need needles and treats and I'll be sending it off!
Swap Sender (FFBE)

noricum said...

Let's see if I can get this to display properly.

<a href="http://put_url_text_here">put text you want shown as the link here</a>

noricum said...

Yep, that's how you want to type it in. :)