Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I know I promised to write yesterday but it was sooooo.... cold in my apartment my hands were frozen. They were so cold when I took a shower to warm up the hot water was burning my hands and yet I was shivering in the shower I was so cold. Thus, I had to go and dig out this!

A full view of my portable heater. A close up showing the heating element on low. You can even see a dent in I noticed last year and I don't remember doing anything to make that dent. It really does warm up the area, me and Solara as she will try to get right in front of it hogging the heat and warmth. In addition to the heater when I went to sleep I turned on the mattress pad heater and warmed up the gel pack. It definitely is colder in my apartment than it is outside.

It is so cold my Solara has been sitting on my lap and snuggling up in bed with me at night. Only she doesn't fit as well as when she was only a kitten now that she weights in at 12 pounds or close to it. She does seem to get shy a lot when the camera is on and I get lots of photos of her beautiful coat. She is sitting on my purple pants and black top. She sometimes does turn when I call her.
Now I promised some photos of her when she was a kitten.

This first photo is of a mug I received in a swap last year. As a kitten she looked just like this photo. And here she is as a kitten.

What do you think. Doesn't she look like the kitten on the mug?
I can always remember her baby kitten face when I see the mug.

This is a very cute photo of her trying to peak through the pull out draw which my keyboard sits on.

She also liked to sit on top of the monitor with the stuffed animals I have received from friends and in swaps. Can you find her?

Here is a clearer photo.
It must be the warmth of the monitor when I am using the computer.
Here she is trying to see what other mischief she can get into.
She does like to sit with her paws extended.

Paws extended on towel shelf behind the tub.

Look at those ears. It took a year for her to grow into them.
I wonder what she is looking at? There was nothing to see.
I love to sit in the sink she says with her paws extended.
So there you are lots of photos of my Solara Sprinkles.

Knitting news.
I heard from my secret pal who put a reply in my blog. She has sent her package to me. I would think I should have it by next week. My pal should be getting her giftie soon also. While I was out delivering some Avon this afternoon the postman in the truck came with a package and I missed him by about 8 - 10 minutes. Tomorrow I will add to my list of errands to stop at the postal outlet and see who it is from and find out what goodies I got. It could be my August pink and peach color swap or my first of three monthly exchanges from one of the groups I am in.
I did receive my cloth and food item today but I can't open it until Oct 1. In the love2knitdishcloth group we keep our packages until opening day and everyone opens them the at the same time. I will be mailing mine out either tomorrow or Friday.
My monkey socks are progressing alone nicely. One sock is up to the toe decrease and the other is up to the gusset decreases. My bag for the fall felted bag exchange is also moving along. It should be completed soon. Then I will knit a pocket, the strap and felt it. I know what treats I want to include and on Saturday I will pick up a couple items at Ram's during their sale and open house.
I did join the Harvest Sock Swap. I have a couple of socks I would like to do. Remember on this one you only knit one sock and send that sock, the remaining yarn and pattern for your partner to complete. You can find it here if you are interested in joining. Mention you found out about it from me and I will get an extra entry into the contest. You will also get an entry into the contest which is for skein of sock yarn and a set of custom made stitch markers when you enter and another entry for everyone you refer. It does close soon so hurry and decide so you don't miss out on it.
I heard from my angel in the ITE4 exchange who is going to send me my bag. Isn't she sweet. My original partner should be ashamed of herself for not full filling her obligation in the swap and taking her bag full of goodies and running.
My Angel Sarah from Arizona told me she doesn't felt. I told her that is fine. I would be happy with whatever she makes for me and am very thankful she is stepping in for my partner. I only told her nothing in orange, yellow, brown or lime green and no black licorice and I would be very happy. Hooray for angels!!!!

It remains cold in my apartment and I am once again having a dilemma of what to sleep in tonight, pj's or a long flannel nightie OR should I even take my clothes off??? I might freeze doing so. I do have the little heater on my me as I do this blog entry.

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Anonymous said...

If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat!

Dorothy said...

The kitten sure is cute!

gardeningknitter said...

What a precious baby, makes me want one.