Friday, September 21, 2007


Where has the time gone? I can't believe how busy I have been these last three days during the day and during the evenings. Busy with errands, knitting and my Avon banquet.

I will start with:

Knitting Goodness

I received my ITE4 package from my angel Sarah in Arizona. AND what a great package she sent. She told me there was a surprise in the box. Sarah didn't send me just one bag she sent me two bags!!! She also sent a whole lot of goodies which included: three knitted mug rugs, size 3DPNs by Susan Bates, a Leisure Arts leaflet called Knit Beaded Bags, a row counter, note cards, a magnetic note pad, a miniature calendar, sticky notes, jelly Bellys, patterns for one of the tote bags and two skeins of Lion Brand Micro Spun yarn.

Here is a photo of the bag called a Bag of all Reasons which was designed by Sarah. Notice the bottle holder pocket. Clever very clever and the pocket will fit a 20 ounce bottle. Here is the inside of the bag showing the three pockets. You can also see the little toggle button closure. What doesn't show up is the little hook to put your keys or another item on you don't want to have fall to the bottom of the bag and get lost. The color is somewhat off also. She put really nice handles on this bag.
This is the second bag Sarah sent. It has knitted handles and doesn't have the water bottle pocket on the outside.
BUT it has several pockets on the inside. She knit them with double strands so they are nice and sturdy.
Thursday I received a puffy from my one of the group members in a pen pal group I belong to as this month I am Member of the Month (MOTM). In it was a looooong pen that can be twisted into different shapes, a mini pocket memo note book, note cards, and a kit to make 3D cards. I also received my journal back of which I was the first to write in. We each take turns and write in it for a week. Each time we send a journal around it belongs to a different member of the group. It is amazing to read what is happening in other people's lives and see how different our lives are yet how similar they are also.

Then this afternoon I received a UPS package. I was sure I wasn't expecting anything when I read the return address. It was from Yves Rocher. Yes Yes YES I know I sell Avon but I have to see what the competition sells and there are some items they sell I like. Also, I have a few friends that like Yves Rocher and Christmas is just around the corner. I was quite surprised it came by UPS though and not via good old Canada post. AND there were two identical 2007 catalogues???? HMMMMM

There is other goodness happening. Last night was my Avon banquet. I am working on my 10th year with Avon and 10 years in the President's Club. Next year I will receive a tribute for being with Avon for 10 years. Every year I get an anniversary card from Avon when that time of the year rolls around when I first signed up. I also get a birthday card and a Christmas card from them. They send gifts a few times during the year including a Christmas gift. All because I am in the President's Club. Well last night we had a lovely dinner at one of the city's fancy hotels. The food was delicious. I had hoped to take a photo of the dessert a chocolate cheesecake which was like a mousse in a chocolate cup with whipped cream, fruit decoration and a triangular shaped piece of chocolate. It was on a white plate with some coulee for decoration and it tasted great. I had hoped to take of photo of it but that is when the batteries of my camera died.

I did win a door prize at the banquet. Can you guess or even imagine what it was??? It was a red bag. I had a choice of a small one or a large one. Of course, you figured out I took the larger one. It has capital As all over it and was made especially for us by Avon. Here is another view. It has a lot of pockets, not that you can see them from these photos.
When I picked the larger bag of the two my manager Sue said to me, I knew you would pick that one.

That isn't all I got at the banquet. I was given a tea light candle holder and tea light candle especially made for those of us in President's Club,
a beautiful and large rhinestone pin which on the back says Avon 120th anniversary,
and a miniature Lady Albee of the larger one I will receive when I reach President's Club status again this year.

Then if that were not enough we were also given a bottle of the new Eau de Parfum that will be out in a couple of campaigns called ROUGE by Christian Lacroix. I like the smell of this new parfum. I am sorry it isn't a great photo. AND there is more news.

Well Andrea you may have put your Tuesday knitting photos in on Thursday but I am putting mine in on Friday. Tuesday was our monthly knitting get together. There were almost 20 of us knitting. Of course, I have a few photos of us knitting to share. Well us except moi as I was taking the photos. We are all mainly knitting except when we were having a good laugh. That is Andrea taking a photo of me taking a photo of her. Her photo of me is on her blog. I don't know how to link to her blog with her name so I have to do it the long way with a full link to her blog. Oh well, you really don't want to see a photo of me taking a photo of her so I won't bother putting the link in. HEE HEE!!

Pat, Janice and Andrea you look so serious. Aren't you having any fun? Janice I like that shirt you are wearing.Now to interrupt my own post what is that noise I hear??? Why it is my rad. The heat is on this evening. Hooray!

I was so busy yesterday I was only on the computer briefly in the morning. When I got on today and checked my email I found I got my Harvest Sock Swap Partner. I have already contacted her secretly and my partner contacted me secretly. WHOO HOO!!!!

Here is my furchild waiting for me to come out of the shower today so I can rub my wet feet on her fur.

How about a ravelry update?

Ravelry Update

I'M IN! YAY!!!!!!! You can find me under pennala. So far I have joined some groups, listed some of my books (they don't have all I have) and said hello to a few of the gals I know. I also have been browsing around. I will have to put my photos in flicker and then into ravelry. I could spend way tooooooooo much time there.

So until I write again.


noricum said...

Hah! I shall foil you by putting the link to the post here! Now everyone shall see you photographing me. ;)

Anonymous said...

My grandmother is a Avon lady too, has been for nearly 15 years. I used to sell under her name and attended all the banquets and such, it was a lot of fun.
Congrats on getting into Ravelry! Once we have our "big reveal" I'll add you as a friend ;)
Swap Sender

Dorothy said...

Wow! It sounds like you've had a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny....I'm your Christmas Swap partner. I just got your name last night and I'll be spending some time getting to know you. I envy the fact that you have a Knitting group (I've become a solitary knitter and I miss having other knitters around to share time with!).

Love your blog and your photos; I just got onto Ravelry as well and plan to start exploring more soon.

Have a wonderful week!