Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Saturday as I wrote in the previous blog I went to Ram's which I did. Janice and I went together during our gadding about which also included stopping at Value Village, Sally Ann and Michael's. We ended up back at my place and knitted.

Here are some of the treasures I have found Saturday.

This tapestry cat bag was $3.99 at Value Village. I used it today. Another great bag for my knitting projects. You can never have too many knitting bags.

This I got at Sally Ann for all of $1.49. I will be hanging it up above my bed with my other pink stuff. It is more pink than it photographed.
Last week I found these at Value Village.
The four never used Christmas mugs were $3.99. They are sitting on two blue flannelette pillowcases which were $1.99. I got the pillowcases this past Saturday at Value Village. I think I will give the mugs as a gift this year and put in them some tea or coffee, a couple of sweet treats and a gift card.
This jacket was all of $5.99 and it also was from Value Village. It just needs a button on the top and one on the bottom. The zipper works, there are no tears. It looks like it was never worn. I washed it today. I have been told this jacket is me!
On Sunday I went out for two plus hours delivering brochures in the neighborhood. It was very very warm. It was 30C or 86F when I left and not much cooler when I returned. So it was strange taking photos of the fall foliage.

This first photo is of a tree at a customer's house where I was dropping off an Avon brochure.

This is one of the park across the street from my apartment. Look at that one tree with all yellow leaves.
This is on the corner of the back lane by my apartment. In a short while it will all be oranges and reds with no green at all and oh so pretty. But that only means winter is near.It may have been warm out but it was quite cool in my apt. Remember it was quite cold during the week and it hasn't warmed up much.

Today on my way home from doing errands which included more Avon deliveries and some more Avon brochure drops I stopped at Mona's and couldn't resist this.
A close up of my new Americana shirt. it was $4.95.
This was Solara on Saturday and she was definitely not very lady like.

She is lying on a heated gel pad under the comforter. What a life, eh?


Anonymous said...

I think Solara Sprinkles Sparkles is a big of a floozy!! Good thing she's a house cat, I'm afraid you'd be a Grandmother before you know it!!

Dorothy said...

Hooray for great bargains!

noricum said...

I love the cute mugs!