Monday, September 3, 2007

43 Things

My secret pal asked me to go here, check out this site and list at least 12 items on my blog. These are not in any specific order at this time but here is my list.

1. Take a cuisine course (I have even contemplated the two year course at the local community college - but is it ever expensive) since I enjoy cooking

2. Cater small parties from my home after taking my cooking course if I ever get to take the course

3. Become a better knitter with proper tension

4. Lose weight

5. Have a more positive self-esteem and self-confidence

6. Increase my Avon sales

7. Put money away regularly for my co-op fee should I get it next year

8. Become financial secure so I am not always robbing Peter to pay Paul

9. Have enough money to color my hair pink, blue and purple

10. Learn all the functions of my digital camera

11. Take better care of my feet (and hands) AND I sell Avon

12. Write my will

13. Become more computer savvy

14. Find something I can make that I can sell on Etsy

15. Purchase a fancy and expensive sewing machine and serger

16. Buy a house and have a garden

17. Sell yarn online from my home or have a storefront yarn shop and online yarn shop

18. Be better at answering my emails sooner

19. Like myself more

20. Be better at putting my clothes away after they are washed, dried and folded

21. Have less clutter piles in my apartment

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on...
#9. Hair color is cheap. Go for it, you only live once, might as well have fun.
#12. Are you going to be like Imelda and leave your millions to Solara?