Friday, October 5, 2007


Lets start with a funny cartoon today. I am sure some have seen this before as I have but I though I would share it again. Thanks Jo-Anne for sending it to me.

I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all these years. We must get the word out.
AND here are other items finished that I didn't get to include in my previous post.

I finished my felted bag for the Fall Felted Bag Exchange and have mailed it off. I do hope my partner will like it and be able to put it to good use. I tried to make one for a specific use she wants it for. I guess in a couple weeks I will know if I succeeded. Here is a photo of it. I made the bottom with a heavy insert that could be removed but OOPS when I tacked the straps down I accidentally tacked the straps to the insert. I thought if she didn't want it with the heavy bottom she could just untie the bottom piece and remove it but now if she doesn't want it she will have to snip a few threads and maybe re-tack the bottom strap.

I also mailed out today my weluvknitting swap package #3 of 4, my addictedtoknitdishcloths package #2 of 3, some Kool-Aid to Vigdis in Norway except for yellow (lemon flavored) which I couldn't find and took care of my secretpal package #2 of 3 also. It was a busy day.

Knitting Goodness

Here is a photo of the fall cloth I received from Diane which I opened a couple days late. I love the scrubby in the center. There is one on both sides. I will make some like these.

I also received my Knit One Tea Too Color Swap package. It was from Emily in Toronto. What a package she sent. Not quantity but quality quality quality. WOW did I ever receive wonderful goodies. It came on Wednesday but I wasn't home so I was left a card and picked it up on Thursday.

I received the following wonderful treats.
- 2 packages of organic green tea (Jasmine Green and Moroccan Mint Green).
- the neatest key ring with a lip balm attached. It smells so good I want to eat it.
- the most darling tea cozy. I was so hoping I would get a tea cozy as the one I have is so very old and ratty looking and I have been just too lazy to knit one for myself.
- 2 candy bars both organic and one is one of my absolute faves. It is Green & Blacks Organic Dark Chocolate (how I love dark chocolate and this brand is superb and one of my faves. The second bar is Matcha Green Tea to match my green tea and yarn.
- 2 skeins of organic yarn. I never had organic yarn before. It is green but not an ugly lime green a lovely muted green with some white. It is by O Wool and is 50% merino and 50% cotton. My very first organic yarn. It is so soft to touch. Very yummy indeed. I will check on Ravelry to see what has been knitted with it. I noticed a business card from Lettuce Knit so I guess that is where the yarn came from.
- of course, there was a card with tea on it and a hand written note.
- last but not least the absolute neatest take along mug for hot tea or coffee. It does say coffee but it can be used for loose tea also. Why is it so neat? It is a Bodum travel press mug from Starbucks. Imagine having a traveling Bodum. WOW! I feel so spoiled to have received such wonderful treats. I love swaps. They are so much fun. The best tea, the best yarn, the best knitted item, the best candy and the bestest accessory treat ever from the best partner.
Now you know why I feel as if I was spoiled.

On the Fall Felted Bag Exchange there is a contest going on so I guess I should answer that now. The question is: The colors of fall tend to be oranges, yellows, crimsons, and other 'leafy' colors - what is your favorite "Color of Autumn" and where do you see it?
My favorite colors are the combination of all colors and the cranberry color for an individual one. I see it in the leaves as they turn color. I also see the color in Thanksgiving dinner which we will be celebrating this Monday. The cranberry and cranberry color adds pizazz to the turkey dinner.

I am so excited as tomorrow I am going to an all day workshop at Ram Wools given by Jane Ellison who designs for Noro. She has a new line of yarns called Marisol. There is also a catered luncheon included. In the morning we will be knitting the gloves in the book and the first skein of yarn is included in the cost. Then there is lunch and in the afternoon Jane will be giving a lecture. The lecture is open to more than just the 12 that the morning workshop portion is limited to.

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