Monday, October 8, 2007


My secret pal 11 hostess is having Contest number 3. Here is what we have to do .."you will have to flash your stash. Post a picture by Monday, October 8th, 2007, to win a prize." I am not posting all my stash just a small portion of it.

So here goes, photos of some of my stash.

Blue Sly Alpaca 50% Alpaca and 50% Silk (3 skeins) in an eggplant color
Cascade Yarns Cotton Rich (2 skeins) in a pink purple color
Cascade Yarns Sierra Quatro 80% Pima Cotton and 20% Wool (2 skeins) in pink tweed
Classic Elite Wools Mackenzie silk- wool tweed (1 skein)

Crystal Palace Yarns Cotton Chenille a pale lilac color ( 2 skeins)
Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool 1 skein (lighter than this photo)
Four assorted mohair yarns
Hand Maiden Sea Silk (2 skeins - color C005 Berry)
Ironstone Yarns has more purple than photo shows (4 oz)
Italian Kid Mohair a bit deeper blue in color than photo (it is actually one skein)
Jaeger Alpaca 4 ply (3 skeins) off white color
Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair (1 skein) grey and cream variegated color
Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair (3 skeins) beige, tan and light brown variegated colors
King Cole Luxury Mohair (3 skeins) blues, purples and red variegated colors
Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud (2skeins each of Peppermint and Horizon)
Knit Picks Andrea Silk in Cranberry color (4 skeins)
Naturally Merino and Fur 10 ply (30% possum - 70% merino) 2 skeins in black
Rubi + Lana 100% pure wool lace weight in deep red (2 skeins)
RYC Classic Yarns Cashsoft Aran - a pale lilac (3 skeins)
SRK Ovation 75% Kid Mohair and 25% Silk (4 skeins) variegated colors
Misty Baby Alpaca in pink (1 skein)I decided to put photos of my smallest bag of stash. Now I will have to figure how to put these on Ravelry. I think I first need to put these on my flicker account and from there I can get them on Ravelry. A job for another day this week.

The next stash photos to put on Ravelry will be my sock yarns I think but I won't put them on my blog. You will have to check out Ravelry for them but as I previously wrote these photos will go on first. I need to take the photos of my sock yarn. You can find me under pennala if you are interested.


aniexma said...

Ummm, errr, I'm sorry, but did that say 30% possum?

Penny said...

Yes you read it correctly it does say 30% possum.

monnibo said...

Yum!! I want to raid your stash!!

Anonymous said...

Possum Yarn? What will they think of next. Roadkill mohair? Scary!!

Laurie said...

I love the variety of fibers in your stash. How fun.
Welcome to Knitter's Coffee Swap! I find this a great way to celebrate the changing of the season to cooler weather: with coffee and knitting.

Dorothy said...

Possum yarn? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, the other day on Knitty Gritty they spun dog hair to make a sweater for a dog. Crazy!