Friday, October 12, 2007


First let me apologize for not putting an entry on my blog earlier as promised BUT blogger was not being very co-operative. I was able to put comments on other blogs but not access my own blog.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a busy day cleaning before my Avon order arrived. Yes I do try to clean my apt occasionally, usually before Avon arrives except for the bathroom which it seems I am always cleaning. I much rather be knitting or playing on the computer.
AND my Avon didn't arrive until 10:30PM. We have to be home for 4:30PM on the day of delivery as that is when it could arrive and usually up until about 9PM to 9:30PM. I felt sorry for the delivery guy as he still had eight more deliveries to make after mine. He told me the person who was to do the deliveries on my route decided he didn't want to them. This also happened with the last order delivered but the girl who delivered it came much earlier. I only had five boxes the last time. I live on the second floor with no elevator. She told me no one wants to deliver this route. They only get $2.00 for each order they deliver. I don't think I would want to deliver for only $2.00 an order. This time I had seven boxes and two were brochures boxes. The rest of the flyers and there were a lot were scattered in the remaining five boxes along with the Avon products. Our items come in boxes and we need to pack into customer's orders. I am taking the weekend delivering orders and dropping brochures off unless customers want to pick theirs up. Tuesday before my Avon was delivered I called Avon venting as I had read my invoice online. I felt bad for the guy I was speaking to only I don't know what to do and who else to contact. AND yes I was polite after all it isn't his fault when items don't come. I have tried writing higher ups, sending emails and telling my manager. I hope that when reps phone their messages get to higher ups. Apparently, the phone staff do have meeting with Avon personnel I was told and the messages do get relayed. I guess I am not the only one calling to vent. BUT sometimes it works in my favor and the person on the other end will find something I have been told no longer is available. No luck this time. It is the same old thing. I didn't get any of my Halloween earring I ordered for my customer. NO they were not shorted they are no longer available. GHEE it was the first time in the brochure and like last year and most holiday items by the time my district's order is packed aren't available to ship. They also didn't send the beautiful Pewter Bag my customer ordered. It was shorted when she ordered it in the previous campaign and in this next campaign it is now sold out. I had several other customers sitting on the fence deciding if they wanted to order one. With Avon you don't sit on the fence you order or you may not get what you want and even when you order you don't always get the item. This same customer also ordered two of the Branch Wall Sconces and they also were shorted. In this second campaign, it now says they won't be available to order until C#24 which is the one after this one. Those weren't the only shortages. A friend told me she is now waiting three campaigns to get a demo item, the African Mask Set. She wanted it but a customer wanted to see it also to decide if she wants to order one. What good is purchasing demos AND yes we have to buy them if when our customers order them they can't get them!!!!! I am in my 10Th year selling Avon and in all this time I have had one order delivered that had NO SHORTS!!! Well enough of ranting and venting here on my blog. On to more interesting news.

WOW when I looked last night I noticed 1000 people had viewed my blog. I hope all of you find it interesting. I am sorry I haven't been able to put anything I have designed on my blog BUT maybe one day when I finally do design something. In the meantime, I will link to other designs I find interesting.

Knitting Goodness

Tuesday I received a puffy from my secret pal. This is three hours after I have started writing this and I can finally upload the photo and continue with my blog. What you see is a book on Americana crafts. I found a couple of items in the book I would like to make. There is a nylon back pack with the seal of the president on it from Washington DC, a skein of red, white, and blue stripped cotton yarn and a bag of red, white, and blue M&M's. My partner wrote in a card this was an early Thanksgiving gift. It was mailed on Sept 29 from Toronto and I got it the day after Thanksgiving on Tuesday October 9.

The very next day I got another puffy from my secret pal. Strange this one was mailed on Friday Oct 5 also from Toronto and I received it Wed October 10. Go figure the postal system out. I received more lovely goodies which included a really neat pink plastic tote bag with an attached small bag, pink large M&M's I thought would have nuts in the center but they don't. They have a cherry flavor, a Noni pattern for the Year of the Pig Felted Bag and a skein of Artful Yarns Fable which is 85% Pima Cotton and 15% Silk. Now I have to admit I hadn't been eyeing this particular Noni felted bag pattern but it is really cute and different. I like to knit things that are different so it is now on my to do list and I know just who is getting it. First I will have to get some pink wool that will felt to use for this project.Here is a close up photo of my Fable Artful Yarns but the yarn is actually a little lighter than the photo. It is a quite luscious yarn too. So thank you secret pal. The neatest news from my secret pal is that she is planning on visiting my lovely city the first weekend in November and wants to hand deliver my my third and final secret pal 11 package. Now how neat is that? She also want to go and see what Mona has at Woseley Wardrobe. I have something interesting to look forward to next month.

HMMM it seems that this blog didn't get published. My friend came by and I just left the computer and later shut the computer down. So it is now Saturday and I want to publish this now. I will put more in that didn't get in this blog later. I am now going to get ready to visit my friend Paula. She wants me to help her make something with fabric. She doesn't sew but "glues". I don't know what it is but I will let you know what we do after I get home. I am staying for dinner. She put a pot roast in the oven or slow cooker and I am bringing some potatoes to mash.

Here is my fur toddler sitting on the toilet. Maybe she thinks she is doing whatever it is I do when I sit on the toilet. LOL AND you have to push her off the toilet. She just won't get off. She also likes to hide and sleep under the tub. I have one of those old tubes on claw legs. Only there are no claw legs on mine but it is on bricks which I painted gold to go with my red tub and Americana red, white, blue bathroom.


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Please check your spam folder. Looks like my messages aren't getting through...

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Lucky you, what fun swap packages. :) (Noni bags look so fun!)