Sunday, October 28, 2007


Knitting Goodness
Yes I know today is Sunday. I also know there is no mail delivery on Sunday BUT I received a package. It was delivered by the postman who drives the truck to make sure that the week day workers are not inundated with too many parcels to deliver. So this afternoon I received my Fall Felted Bag Exchange. Look at all the goodies I got.

Here is the bag. Leslie my partner who lives in Nova Scotia wrote in a note the bag was to be the constant companion felted bag but it went all wonky in the washer and this is the salvaged version. Leslie had to cut the bag and sew it. This is what it ended up being and it is quite nice. The colors are black and pink, faves of mine.
Here is the magnetic snap sewn in the center to keep the bag closed. I think I may put in a couple more. One on each side. The bag isn't heavy so it will be really nice holding a knitting project.
Close up of the goodies I received showing two patterns and a book. One pattern is for the constant companion which I really want but have yet to get around to making and the other is for a bag that is smaller and quicker to knit and felt. The book has some very cute patterns. I even found several I would like to knit.
Not only did I get a pattern for a quick knit felted bag but Leslie also included bamboo circs, stitch markers and the wool yarn to make the bag with. In fact, there were two sets of stitch markers. Did you make these stitch markers Leslie? I am going to try to make some. I have the required supplies just not the how to knowledge yet. And there also are some Halloween chocolate candy balls wrapped in orange (see top photo of all the goodies) which are slowly disappearing.

Not only did I get goodies but there was a treat for Solara also. She has already lost one of the little balls.This is what she thinks of it all. She does have a thing for wool and for felted items. An hour after this photo and she is still sitting in the same position on all the swap goodies.
So where have I been all week?
I have been busy taking photographs of my stash (and I have lots more photographs to take) and playing on ravelry. Some of the photos I took I couldn't find when I tried to put them on ravelry. So I started deleting photos from flicker only to discover that it didn't take away from the amount you were allowed to upload each month on the flicker's free service despite the removal of photographs providing more space. Funny how some of the missing photographs did show up for me to use on ravelry but others didn't. So for now the monkey socks I did remain without a picture until November. I will be going back to ravelry later and putting some more stash and projects in. I have more books to list but they are not in the ravelry's database so I have to wait until they are in the database for me to list.

My whoduknit trick and treat swap has been received by my partner. I haven't received my package yet but it should be here shortly since Halloween is Wednesday. My monkey swap partner has a card to go and pick her package up or have it redelivered. We do not get re- deliveries even if it is the post office's mistake and someone was home waiting for the package. My monkey swap partner emailed me and told me she hopes to mail her package to me by the due date which is Wednesday. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will be mailing my KTS4 package out and my partner should be mailing hers about the same time. My package is going out a few days late but I had to wait to get money for the postage. Again there was more month than money. The package is otherwise ready to go. I have finished my Harvest Sock for my partner and after I washed it and put it in the dryer to bloom it is lovely and should fit her. At least I hope it does and that she likes it. Here is a photo of the finished sock. I love the colors of this sock.I am going to make something especially for her. All I can say is HEE HEE!! I also need to find a few treats to add to her package and it will be ready to be mailed.

I am quite upset with the Purl When Ready pattern and socks. The pattern is probably fine BUT.... I purchased the Opal "Tiger" yarn which I had Mona specifically order for me and it seems that there must have been another Opal "Tiger" sock yarn as I can't get the purl when ready sock pattern to work with this yarn. AND it seems that it really isn't the same color pattern as shown photograph with the?????? I have seen several other pairs of these socks knit at the Opal site and I really have to say this yarn does look different.

As I am doing my blog I have been thinking where oh where has the month of October gone? It seems just a few short days ago it was only the beginning of the month. Gheez. it seems as if only a short while ago it was summer. In fact, the year seems to have just flown by. I know 24 hours is still 24 hours and there are still 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and a day continues to have only 24 hours. If that is still the truth and I haven't read anywhere of any changes than why does time seem to be going a lot faster? So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I know what my grandmother would say. If that is true than I am afraid to go to sleep as I may wake up and I will be 100 years old or at least 80.

I will leave you with photos of my furchild doing what she does best, go in boxes. She really doesn't care if they are empty or have stuff in them. She just likes to sit in boxes. This is a box with clean clothes just out of the dryer and folded. What a life, eh?


Lesley said...

So glad you got your package and that you enjoy it!
Yes, I made the stitch markers, and it's really not so hard once you get started.

What's funny is that the person you sent to, Nichola, is the person who sent to me!

noricum said...

Flickr measures your quota by upload bandwidth, not by how much is actually there. The free account also only allows you to browse the most recent 200 photos. The rest are still there, and if you link to them you can still get them, but you can't browse them. I noticed in Ravelry that a lot of your stash and projects are showing as "photo unavailable"... I think this happened because you deleted some of your photos, so they're no longer on flickr.

For the tiger sock yarn, there have been several versions of it. It's slightly different each time it's issued.

sock lover said...

HI Penny!

I e-mailed you but perhaps I misspelled? Please, let me know if you got it.

I totally heart my Monkey package I wanted to make sure you received proper thankyou's for everything!