Monday, October 15, 2007


Last Wednesday morning I stood up from bending down to pick something up and I smacked my head into the medicine cabinet door, the pointed end no less. BOY did I hurt my head, the left side of the top of my head. I went and got an ice pack and kept it on my head as I got ready to go out. I was off to pick up soap from Hilltop for the study I didn't make this morning and I didn't have a lot of time to baby my head. More on the Hilltop study further down on this blog. BOY OH BOY did my head hurt. I really didn't feel a bump though. It still hurts and it hurts almost as much now again. The pain had subsided for a while. I noticed a short while after I smacked my head, my left eyelid started twitching and it is still twitching. NO I didn't go to the doctor. Maybe I should have but what could the doctor do? I had just seen the doctor October 3 and will be going again around Oct 31. Maybe if the pain is still bad in the morning I will call and see if he is in. It is just the eyelid twitching is driving me nuts as is the head pain again!!!!! BUT ask me if stopped me from knitting? Do I really have to answer that. I am still knitting but not as fast or for as long at a time but I am still knitting.

Today I had an appointment at Hilltop to try out for a study testing products on the lower legs. BOO HOO I didn't make it. An area on my left lower leg was too dry. I did sign up for another. I will pick up soap for it on October 23 and it starts October 28 going through November 3 for a total of 18 visits. There are more visits and it is more time consuming but it also pays more. I certainly hope I am able to get into this study. I really could use the extra money.

I just sent my questionnaire in for the Hand Dyed Yarn Swap which you can find here: If it is not filled and I get in I will put a button on my blog. Last years swap was a lot of fun. Last year my partner sent me yarn she dyed using Knit Picks Bare and I dyed Briggs and Little Dura Sport yarn for my partner. It was a secret swap. I loved the dyed yarn my partner made me and have already knit it up into a pair of socks. It was only the second time I dyed yarn. This will be my third. So if that is something that interests you hurry on over to check it out and sign up.

Harvest Sock swap partner I check my yahoo bulk folder daily and have not seen any emails from you there. All I can say is keep trying. I have changed my mind on the yarn I am using for your socks. I found another I like better. I think it will make a nicer sock in the same pattern. I should be starting it by the end of this week.

I am finishing up some flowers for my striped bag. I am on the last flower and have the leaves to do. I hope it looks as nice as the photo on the pattern.

Also, I have added to one my Knitters Coffee Swap 3 questions that I also enjoy Dunkin Donut coffee. AND I have corrected it as it is swap #3 not swap #2

More Swap Questions

Again from the Felted Bag Exchange:

It's a crisp, cool, sunny Sunday in October - the sky is clear, there's a bit of a breeze, and the leaves have already started to change. How would you spend your day to best celebrate and enjoy the season? Are you at home curled up with tea and a book and a window open to enjoy the breeze? Do you head out on a long drive and hike through the mountains to see the trees? Go find pumpkins and colored corn to decorate? Tell us about your special day!

That day was just like this past Saturday when I was invited for dinner at Paula's. We sat outside in her screened porch before dinner. Paula read and I knitted. I did need to wear a light jacket but the weather was just lovely. The leaves were falling from the trees and there was a gentle breeze.

After dinner Paula wanted me to help her redecorate her bedroom. She purchased two table cloths she wants me to glue to her Roman Shades and make a cover for in front of her TV. She also has a flannelette duvet cover she wants me to use to cover some pillow cushions. I told her if she lets me know ahead of time I will pack up my sewing matching and bring it to sew her cushion.

I see the Knitters Coffee Swap 3 is having their first contest. We are to post a photo of our favorite place to sit and knit and have a cup of coffee. This is what I will be putting in. I would love to have a glider and an ottoman glider to sit in while I knit but I don't so I have to sit on my couch. Not that it is so terrible. I just think I would find a glider and glider ottoman more comfortable.

Goodness but not knitting

I received my pen pal swap from Emily today. She sent me a package of five mechanical pencils, an oven mitt and dish towel, two doilies and a small notebook. I am member of the month in the group and this was one of my gifties.

Here is the little miss sitting in the sink which is a favorite spot of hers.


Allena said...

your cat's fav place cracks me up! my cats like to sit in the windows they're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you should go to the Dr.??? It's just down the street. Better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Janice - go or at least phone the doctor!

Love the pics of Solara - she is so sweet!

Yarnfanatic (Shelagh)

Lesley said...
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Anonymous said...

Package will be on it's way to you tomorrow or Friday, so you should have it next week. This swap was fun, I hope you enjoyed it too!

Swap Sender, FFBE