Tuesday, January 1, 2008


YUP it is that time of the year again. You know when we make resolutions we keep maybe for a day or so. They do sound good when we make them and we do have such good intentions. WELL at least I do.

I am going to make a few and see if I can keep them longer than a couple of days.

My first is to go on a swap diet. Now I am not saying I am not going to join any more swaps. I am just going to curtail how many I do join since there are some I really like to get in on. I was so good at this first resolution I didn't join the Cocoa Swap. I am sad about it. Getting packages in Feb when it is dreary and cold out and also is my birthday month is a great time to get pressies. BUT I held fast. I have to follow through with this swap as I need to save money for my share fee for when I get the call that there is a co-op for me to move into to. It will be four years I am on the list this April and I spent the money I had saved for it over the four years. There are three people ahead of me and they have been waiting two years longer than I have. Maybe after all these years they won't want it and I will move right up to the first spot. Of course, I need a subsidy so that will play into when I can get one also. So you see I really need to follow through with this resolution.

Ressie #2 is to be better at posting on my blog. I was very good when I started it but got lazy as time went on. I hope to post every other day. HA Post Script to this resolution re-reading this makes me giggle as today is January 8 and I am just finishing this January 1 entry.

Ressie #3 is to finish up some of my UFO's such as the two grannies (well actually three but I got the third knit by the Woolman after he died ONLY it was not put together and now must be waiting 15 - 17 years as a UFO and it is in wool). The first two were crocheted in swaps from the Yarn Lovers Room http://www.knitting-crochet.com/. They have a great selection of granny square swaps to join. Check it out. When you have yours complete it will be a very unique and one of a kind afghan. I know when I sent my squares off to the different individuals they weren't all the same and some were knit while others crocheted. In some swaps you send one square and in other two. The size depends on the swap. At the Yarn Lovers Room click just for fun and then join our granny square swap and when there click a list of swaps to join and choose among the many there. I also want to either finish or toss the baby surprise sweater I knit but just needs to be put together. I don't like the colors I did it in but it was only to learn how to do it. AND all I need to complete is the sewing up the shoulder seam. GEESE!!! I also want to finish my lace shawl from the Romantic Style Rowan book I am doing in pink Ovation and my 10,000 bead shawl both of which have only about an inch or so knitted.

#4 resolution is to get myself back on ravelry by putting my photos back the missing photos and finishing up the list of books I have if in the database. Oh and be more communicative in the community.

AND lastly #5 be more communicative in the many knitting groups I belong to.

I hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew but judging by how long it has been to complete this entry it may be.

OH and Miss Solara my knitting kitty has here own resolutions which she thinks is quite manageable.

1. Be more finicky about what I will eat

2. Meow longer and louder for treats and want them more often

3. Listen less and respond less when spoken to

4. In general be more of a "nudge"

BUT I must admit my housemate sure has me under her spell when she comes out of the shower as I love when she rubs my fur with her "wet" feet or cuddles me in the "wet" towel. "AH this feels so good", says Miss Solara.

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