Sunday, January 20, 2008


It is only January 20 and I have three finished items already.

One is a UFO I completed for my December whoduknit project. It was done for the project of the book A Farewell to Yarns. I finally learned how to put together a granny afghan I crocheted. These squares were originally from a swap in the Yarn Lovers Room and has been hanging around for about three or so years. In this swap we were to send one 10" square to everyone on the list. It could be any color but had to be edged in black. AND as usual in swaps there were some who didn't play nice but still there were enough squares to make a small afghan. I hope later the Yarn Lovers Room will have another similar swap calling for 10" squares in any color edged in black. I will join it so I can get more squares for this afghan. Then when I add it to the original squares the afghan can hang over the bed. It is so ugly I love it. No one is the world will have an identical throw as this. Some squares are just indescribable but I love them also. That is what makes this such a unique afghan.

Here it is: and close ups:

AND just so you can see it even clearer here are some of the individual squares. I didn't photograph all of them. I guess you are going Thank G-d for that.

Actually, I have another bunch of squares from another swap in that same group to put together. I also have a lot of squares crocheted using "wool" by the Woolman who lived and had a yarn shop in my city many years ago which I received after he died to put together.
Squares received from people in the Yarn Lover's Room Swaps are all very different and no two people in this swap have the same completed afghan as everyone doesn't necessarily send the same crochet/knit pattern or use the same colors in their squares they send out.
The one I haven't finished is from a blue and white swap and the squares had to be in only blues and whites. In this swap we sent two seven inch squares to each person in the swap. AND again some people didn't play nice. I want to edge these blue and white squares first in either blue or white to give them some co-ordination before I put them together.

This whoduknit project was fun as I got to finish a UFO!!!! and learn how to put my granny square afghan together. I am sure there are other ways to join squares and I hope to learn more ways eventually.

This past week I have knit two scarves. The first turned out too small for an adult. It is one of those potato chip type scarves where every third row you increase in each stitch. Only the first one I didn't put enough stitches on so it is sized for a child. It was made with just plain variegated sayelle and the last row and cast off was knit in some fancy yarn with a bit of glitz.
I have put it in my stash for a just in case needed item.

The second one I knit using the Paton's Bohemia yarn. I have made one of these before to give away in a scarf swap. It is the loopy scarf where when you are finished knitting you unravel the first three and last three stitches. It is all garter stitch and knits up fast with two balls of yarn. It is also oh so very soft. This one came out quite nice. Even Solara thinks it is nice.I wrapped this one up to give to a friend.

AND I am still working on a very special item for a special friend. A photo will be up after it has been completed and received just in case she checks out my blog. I am also working on my Harvest sock but very slowly due to doing these two scarves and needing to get my special project done.

I have also decided on my project for the January read in whoduknit. We are reading Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann only I am having problems finding time to read the book. I have taken it out of the library twice. This time when I took it out it was only available from the express best seller area where you can only keep it for one week and there is no renewal allowed. I had to do this as the other copies all have waiting list even the large print version. So I guess I will return it and go back later when it is back on the shelf I hope and take it out again as I am only on chapter three. WHY??? I have been working on and have finally completed the worksheets of my Avon for my income tax. I just need to put this information in an excel spread sheet which I hope to do tomorrow so when my T4 arrives I can fill in the proper forms and send my income tax forms in and collect my refund early. AND you ask why is this taking so long? I have to go over and check everyone's order and what they paid and what I made as there are different rates of commission on different items and sometimes if I sell more I make more than usual on the main items. I had a lot of customers and there were a lot of items to go over this past year. BUT I have started on the orders for 2008 so I will be ahead of the game next year. From now on I will work on each campaign as they happen. Then it will be so much easier next year as all this will be done and complete. I also will be able to get back to putting photos in ravelry, knit more and read more both my books and emails once this income tax business has been completed.

Reading my emails I see I have won a prize for the granny square afghan above. YIPEE!! I don't know what it is but I am surprised as I also won last month. I think I will opt out of this months prize or pass it on to someone else if I should win again. I am wondering if I am winning prizes now should I get tickets more often for the LOTTO? Is it a sign of what is to be?

Solara was visited by her Auntie Janice on Friday. Her Auntie Janice received a treat from another friend which I gave her and that meant that Solara also got a pressie. The gift was in a bag and here is Solara trying to get into a bag that is way way way to small for her. When she finally realised she wasn't going to get her body into the bag she decided to go and get into the box the gift came in. Well almost anyway. So she gives us her back when she gets as much of her body in the box as she can.
Here she is from the side showing how little actually got into that box.
BUT her Auntie Janice loves her despite her silliness. Even if I wanted to write more I can't as my fingertips are frozen and tingling from the lack of heat in my apartment.


WPGGAL said...

I left a comment before and it hasn't shown up. This is just a test.

WPGGAL said...

OK, so that one showed up now I can say what I really wanted to! That's the first time Solara Sprinkles Sparkles has let me hold her like that without trying to get away. She was probably still half asleep. Your blanket is even nicer in person, good job.

Stephanie... said...

congrads on your win. And, you've tagged wit the 7 meme (see it on my blog) that;s what you get for being such a good upstream swap pal and belonging to Whoduknit1 Read your post. What kinds of things do you sell?

Penny said...

Thanks Stephanie for the congrats. I have tagged my victims already