Sunday, January 27, 2008


People who know me know I am always on the hunt for new, interesting, different and unique patterns. I have found these and they are a stash buster. She also knits critters and has an etsy shop. So when you go to her blog you can see her lovelies. IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS

So now it has warmed up somewhat and and the apartment is a hot box with the steam pouring out of the radiator again. There is really something perverse about the way heat is in this place. The warmer it is the more heat we have and when it get cold all of a sudden there is no heat coming from the radiator. So now I am sweating and have opened the windows and turned the fan on.

Tami whom I know from love2knitdishcloths group on Yahoo is having a contest having reached her 100th post over at her blog with a nice prize. If you mention my name and that you found out about the contest on my blog I will get an extra entry. You can find her blog here: So go and check it out. May the luckiest person win.

What else have I been doing besides knitting, reading and working on my Avon excel spreadsheets for my income tax? PHEW! They are finally finished.
AND I have been working on a puzzle I received as a gift in the weluvknitting four gifts a year swap. It is a 500 piece puzzle about fairies. Here is what it will look like when put together.
I started it on Tuesday and with some help of two friends it was completed on Friday who when they saw it got the bug to work on it also.

Here it is on Wednesday. Here it is on Thursday. AND here it is completed Friday night. AND there are only three pieces missing. I wonder where they could have gone to. I have checked everywhere but no luck. Now I can't share this puzzle with anyone else. It was fun and once I started I didn't want to stop. It has been quite a long time since I did a puzzle.

The puzzle was worked on my coffee table which was painted in a plaid design as you can see. My girlfriend helped me do this several years ago. She painted circles on her dinning room table. I love circles and polka dots but didn't want to copy hers. Since I like plaids too I thought it would be fun to paint my coffee table in a plaid design. My friend didn't want to at first not because she didn't like plaids but I just think because she didn't feel like painting it I guess but a short while later she acquiesced and we painted it. I certainly needed her help as I don't know if I would have known where to start even if I had the great idea. It was fun to do. I only paid $5.00 for the table which was second hand. It is very heavy and looked awful before it was painted. Yes paint does cover a number of problems. To fix the counter top in my kitchen I painted it and the back splash apple green one of the colors I painted the kitchen walls. If you look through my blog you can find my green kitchen counter. Only I have to freshen it up with new paint every couple of years even with a varnish on top.

What was Solara busy doing while I was working on my puzzle. She was curled up in her blankie.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer than today so I thought I would go and deliver my Avon brochures only now I hear we are going to have a "blizzard". That is fine as long as it is after I get back home. I have lots of knitting I can do if I get stranded in my apartment.

AND now I am off to do some knitting and read my book Three Bags Full.

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