Saturday, January 12, 2008


YUP Do you know what I did? I joined a swap. BUT BUT remember I didn't say I wasn't joining any swaps, I was just cutting back. I joined the Scavenger Swap which can be found here: It sound like a lot of fun. Check it out. In my next post I will put my questionnaire which has to be up by Jan 31 unless all the spaces in the blog are taken and the questionnaires are all up before then. Being this is a scavenger hunt you have to find stuff to send your partner. Here is a list of the categories and some information:

You must send one item to represent each category. An item can fit multiple categories, but you must pick one to classify it. Please include a note to your pal in your box matching each item to it's category.

1) Something local

2) Something round

3) Something green

4) Something related to the letter 'T'

5) Something funny

6) Something hard

7) Spoilers choice (make up a category for your item!)

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WPGGAL said...

Sounds like fun. You're allowed a few swaps. It's not even the end of January and you're already in a few. You're going to have to take it easy for the next few months!! Why are you measuring Solara Sprinkles Sparkles body parts?