Tuesday, January 29, 2008


AHH Two good mail days Monday and today Tuesday.

Yesterday I received my order from ELANN. It included some yarn to make the socks in the photo. These socks are in the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting Magazine. They are called the Edelweiss Socks designed by Candace Eisner Strick. I really liked them when I first saw them and when Elann came out with them in the photo displaying their new solid sock yarns I was hooked.

I also received my 12 skeins of Elann Silky Tweed in Provence Blue for the top Twilight in the Rowan Summer Tweed Magazine. This yarn is 100% silk and Rowan's Summer Tweed is 70% silk and 30% cotton. I have even knit a Oh my G-d a "SWATCH" to make sure this yarn, the called for yarn and my tension match up. AND guess what it does. So far. BUT that is something I won't really believe until the top is completed and it fits properly as I have previously swatched thinking everything was fine only to find it wasn't. Only check out those holes. I don't remember them being so large in the photo of the top in the magazine. Scroll down my blog to see the photo of the top. I will have to wear something under it like a camisole or bra. AND yes yes I know one of those triangles is larger than the other. I was busy watching Dance Wars and wasn't concentrating. It isn't off the needles so if I end up needing that skein of yarn I can rip it out and still have a full skein of yarn.

And what was that extra item I got for myself. It was a book. It is way smaller in size and thinner than I had anticipated. I do have ideas. That is why I got this book and I read that this is her second book which means there is another out there. It is just getting my ideas done. Then today I received a great big puffy. I thought it was my whoduknit holiday package which was resent as I never received my first package from my partner but it wasn't that one. It was one of my birthday gifts from one of the gals in a dishcloth group I belong to in Yahoo. We have a birthday club there. This is my third or fourth year in the club. I am the only Feb birthday. There are two members with birthdays in March and two in September and one in December. Last year there were four birthdays in March. We get lovely birthday gifts. I have one of March birthday gifts completed except for the knitted item. I will be working on the other birthday gal's gifts.

The poor postman who delivered my package this afternoon was so bundled up you could hardly see him with his balaclava and scarf and he is in the truck delivering not walking. When I asked him how cold it was he said if you don't need to go out don't. If you walk in the wind it is so cold it will take your breath away. I stayed inside today.

I tried to take some photos of the beautiful designs on my window from the ice. If anyone knows how to photograph them please share with me as this is the best I could get. The window overlooks the park across the street and the tree in front of my window which you can see a little also.

I don't know what could be knit with this pattern but I do know you could do a lovely needlepoint or embroidery design from it.

AND I found another contest at: http://knitmetotheendoftime.blogspot.com/2008/01/its-my-1st-bloggiversary-today-and-my.html. Katie who is my secret Scavenger Hunt partner is having a contest for her 100th post and it is open until MN Jan 31. When you enter and link to it just make sure you only say you found it on your Scavenger Hunt secret partner's blog not giving me away by name or blog name please. Maybe she won't go hunting to see who I am by reading all the blogs on the side bar of the swap.

Needing to have several items going at the same time yesterday I got back to work on my Noro Cavendish Serape Shawl Blankie and have knitted another two inches. Now I have started a FRU FRU bag for a friend. The yarn comes from England. I saw the yarn in one of the British magazines and had a swap buddy in England order it for me and then ship it to me. It has the longest eyelash I have ever seen which is 3.5 inches. So it will be a real FRU FRU bag. I have some clear acrylic handles I will see if I can use and maybe even line it. It won't make it in time for a Valentine's day gift so instead it will be an Easter gift.
Here is the front of the bag with about 2 - 2.5 inches completed. It is 12 inches wide. I have two skeins so I will use both skeins or until it is about 16 inches or there about. Here is the inside of the bag. Is that not the longest eyelash you have ever seen?

I know some of you love to read my blog to see and hear about Solara so here is her latest pose for the camera. Silly girl.


Team Knit ! said...

I just ordered that exact same yarn from Elann! The white Sock it to Me!! I'm going to be swatching for the ribbed eyelet bandeau from the Spring 07 IK, as soon as it arrives. I'm itching to do some spring/summer knitting.

That frosted window pane... SO lovely.

Tamiknits said...

That is some long eyelash! I bet Solara loves it!