Monday, January 21, 2008


I don't know who wrote this and how long it has been traveling around the Internet but thank-you Lorna for sending it to me. Oh how true it is.

My Manitoba

It's winter in Manitoba
And the gentle breezes blow,
70 miles per hour at 52 below!
Oh, how I love Manitoba
When the snow's up to your butt.
You take a breath of winter air
And your nose is frozen shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful,
I guess I'll hang around.
I could never leave Manitoba ,
'Cause I'm frozen to the ground!'

So Friday past in the absolute bitter cold I finally went for some x-rays. X-rays of my lumbar spine, hips and knees. I made sure I got to the x-ray dept late enough so not to wait and maybe get right in and out. YUP no one was there and they would be closing in half an hour. The receptionist asks me to sit in a chair in the empty waiting room. Maybe four or five minutes later (I was able to read several pages in my book while I waited). I was called in to the changing room and given a paper gown and told to undress leaving on only my socks and panties. So I do as told and when called for my x-ray I am asked if I have any jewellery on. I say just earrings. I am told I need to remove them. I look at the x-ray tech perplexed and ask why I need to remove my earring to have my lower spine, hips and knees x-rayed. She tells me I am having my C Spine x-rayed. I tell no I am not. I was at the doctor's complaining about hip and knee pain. BUT she says this is a C not an L. I say I don't need an x-ray of my neck at this time and it is an L not a C. She tells me to wait while she discusses it with the girl out front. She comes back and says okay you now need to go back to the changing room and take off this paper gown and put on a cloth gown but I don't have to remove my earrings. I am the last person in the dept for x-rays yet I still needed to change gowns. Go figure.
I must have had 10 or 12 x-rays taken. Of course, she ushered me out before I could even ask if I could see them. I am just curious. Apparently, I have arthritis of my lumbar spine and according to the last doctor a few years ago when x-rays were taken my hips were "pristine". The same phrase my current doctor told me of my knees about six months ago. I should have "pristine" joints at my age. I have seen x-rays of my spine when I had those free chiropractic x-rays taken and I saw the arthritis in my spine. They look like the hooks on the wall you hang your clothes on but are facing the other way round and are attached to a part of my spine not a wall to hang clothes on. That is what is causing my hip pain and spasms. I just want to know if it is still my spine or if there is now a reason my hips hurt even more. AND my knees are really starting to bug me. So I need a base x-ray in case these "pristine" knees get worse. AND the cold in Winnipeg certainly isn't helping.

AGAIN I won a prize for guessing the correct pattern of the cloth on the home page at love2knit dishcloth group on Yahoo that I belong to. BUT Solara and I didn't win a prize in the Bunny Thumper Contest.

Speaking of Solara look at where I found her.
I will take you on a tour to get to her.

I keep the door shut so she doesn't get into this room. This is what you see when you enter the room. Don't laugh too loud. There is excess Avon, empty boxes, fabrics, quilting and beading stuff, sewing machines, ironing board, threads, and STUFF. Yes there is empty floor space in front of the ironing board. Enough to actually do a small dance. Since I was ironing the turquoise piece of fabric on the ironing board which is a queen or possibly a king size sheet and I needed space, I moved my large bags of yarn and other items kept under and on both sides of the ironing board about the room to have room for the fabric.

Off to the right side are the shelves of fabric, fabric I am not able to use presently. Now a close up view of the shelves.AND even closer. Can you see her? No not yet. So lets get even closer. There she is.
The only reason you see her is due to the flash of the camera. She stayed in there all afternoon and evening. When she finally left her sacred space I quickly shut the door to the room. She definitely wasn't happy with me.

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