Friday, January 18, 2008


Knitting Goodness

Thursday's mail brought me my long awaited monkeys which were made for me by a monkey angel. AND this monkey angel's name is Eve and she sent me my monkeys all the way from Switzerland.

Here is how I received them: On the reverse side of the label are two little sheep. Very very clever packaging.

Here is a close up of the monkeys: AND here they are on me: They are not orange. They are a brick rust color and they are so very nice and best of all they fit just right. I am so happy with my monkeys.

Now Eve didn't just send me monkey socks she also sent me candy. YUP candy from Switzerland. She wrote in her card; what is a package from Switzerland without chocolate? Wasn't that extra sweet of her. I do so love chocolate. AND she didn't send just one chocolate bar, she sent two chocolate bars. YUM YUM!!!

Thank-you so much Eve for stepping in as an angel and sending me lovely well fitting socks and the extra goodies you sent me.

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Figino said...

Hi Penny
I'm so glad you received the socks, like them and that they fit you!

Hope you had a wonderful sleep ;-)