Friday, August 3, 2007


I was reading someone’s blog and found this. You can do it also. You go to Google and type in "Penny likes to" (but you use your own name and include the quotation marks) and you paste 10 things that show up. Here is what I found:

1. Penny likes to dress up

2. Penny likes to get away

3. Penny likes to rest a spell in one of the rocking chairs on the back porch

4. Penny likes to refer to herself as an optimist and believes that positive solutions will result as long as she exercises her creative thinking

5. Penny likes to sew for herself, friends and ……

6. Penny likes to plan parties

7. Penny likes to hear, "Our country is at its best when you do your part."

8. Penny likes to read, spend time with her friends

9. Penny likes to make smoothies for her friends

10. Penny likes to spend her free time gardening and decorating her home

How close is this actually to me? Leave your comments. One hint is I would rather be in a glider than a rocker. I would love to get a glider one day with a matching gliding ottoman. They are so comfortable.

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Rebecca said...

Hi Penny,
I saw your comment on the Monkey Sock Swap blog about wanting to join. You can email me at to join or ask questions about the swap. Have a great day!