Sunday, August 26, 2007


OH MY!! It's been a long time since my last post. Now I have quite a bit to write about. This is a long post with a lot of photos. An entire week's worth of posting in one day.

Yesterday I went to a "Silly Party". My friend Paula invited me to join her at her friend's for a silly party. It was a lovely day and it was held outside in a netted tent. We were to wear silly clothes and bring silly food. I wore two different socks, two different shoes, stripe Capri's and a polka dot shirt. I also wore my new pink scarf that didn't match. I put my very short hair in pig tails, and wore make-up on one side of my face with a nice round rosy circle of blush on one cheek. I won the prize for dressing the silliest. We played with water guns, ball & bat but a very tiny one, blew bubbles, drew with chalk on the bricks, did hula hoops and bobbed for apples.
Here is Karen squirting Paula with a water gun. Here's Paula and Karen playing with a toy you blow in and try to get the ball in the air.
Karen is bobbing for apples with Paula watching.
Paula is bobbing for apples.
Look at them with apples in their mouths.
We talked about all the fun things we did as kids and the different games we played. It didn't seem to matter where we lived we all played the same games.

We had absolutely nothing with any caloric value to eat. We had gummy worms, brownies, cup cakes, popcorn, finger jello, chocolates and I brought some delicious Kitty Litter Cake. When I first heard of it in one of my groups last year I though who would make something like that. Of course, since I don't have or go to Halloween parties I figured I also had no need to make it. When I was told of the party and I was to bring some silly food after thinking what I could bring it came to my mind the AH HA moment I will bring Kitty Litter Cake. It went over quite well. Here is a site with the recipe and a photo of it: Here is a photo of my cake. It is presented on newspaper with some cookie crumbs on the paper and served with a kitty pooper scooper. It was a big hit. Yesterday was a fun day.

Last Sunday August 19 was our Knitting Get Together's KNIT OUT. It was held at the Forks, a historical site in the city. The weather was perfect, cool with a slight breeze not hot or overly sunny. It went from 10AM to 4PM. Most of the photos are courtesy of Shelagh.

Here is our sign.

Some of the gals at the KNIT OUT.

More gals from the KNIT OUT and in the background you can see the prize table. Nope I didn't win a prize this year either. Many thanks to Ram Wools for their gift certificate of $25.00 and to Mona for her generous donations of goodies from her shop and to Shelagh for her donation.
AND even more knitters (Isabelle, Erica, me, Robin, Nicole). The chair with the umbrella is belongs to Shelagh who took this photo. Later Betty from Morden who Shelagh met at her knitting camp joined us and set between us.
Cory and Erica working on the joint knitting project which will become four way knitting when it gets large enough for four to work on.
A close-up of the the joint knitting which lots of gals at the KNIT OUT worked on.
Tuesday August 21 we gathered again for our monthly meeting at McNally's to knit and gab. We had several new people show up who came to our KNIT OUT and one who said she was a member but really hadn't been coming. I finally was able to get my friend of Pat to stop by. She left quite happy as one of the Erica's was selling some of her Alpaca Cloud and Pat was able to purchase two skeins to make the Knit Picks Candle Flame Shawl. That will mean it will be done by four of our members. It is a lovely shawl. I hope one day to knit it also (making me #5). Another project for my to do list.
Here is a photo of our youngest member (Nicole's daughter).
New members one with her husband to help her learn to speak English.
More new members.
Here is Robin.

Knitting News
I have completed my Circle of Friendship socks. They fit perfectly.
I am working on a scarf which should be finished within the next couple of days. This is for a swap I am in. I am working on my Monkey Socks for the monkey swap. I hope my partner will like them. I am really enjoying knitting them. This lace sock pattern is very simple and easy to do. So those of you sock lovers who haven't knit them yet you can find them here They are a Cookie A pattern.
I have received my Knit One Tea Two and my Fall Felted Bag partners. Now to decide what to make for my Fall Felted Bag partner. HMMMMM
I am slowly putting more books on the side of my blog in my wish list. Check frequently for more I am interested in obtaining to add to my library.
As I am writing this the post truck drove by. I happen to go and look out the window to see it go by without stopping. I am expecting a package from Knit Picks. Where oh where is it? Next week I will have four packages to mail to swap partners. I am always on the look out for goodies that would be good for swaps. I keep a stash of such stuff on hand.
Oh my the mail truck came back. Did he go around the block and realise he forgot to stop at my place. Look what he brought me. Two more books from the sale Knit Picks had and some lovely Peppermint Alpaca Cloud for another shawl for my to do list.
I am looking forward to starting on my Jelly Bean socks and my bag for my Fall Felted Bag partner. I love starting new projects. I love starting new projects way to much and have to control myself or nothing would get completed.

I have some news about my missing parrot. He was been seen in the company of another parrot. He was found by my friend Janice who sent me this photo of him with his new friend. I doubt he will want to come home now. Guess he feels better with another parrot for company than a cat.

Knitting Goodness
I received my animal cloth this week from Charlotte in the addictedtoknit dishcloth group I am in. She included a magnetic Americana notepad and pen.
I received my Whoduknit Tag Sale Swap package Friday. It was a secret swap and I now know it was from Jane. I will email her and the group later this evening.She sent me a lovely box of goodies which included:
- A lovely large tote bag (it says Readers Digest on it) and I used it yesterday to carry my Kitty Litter Cake in (which I first put in another bag so this one didn't get dirty). In this bag the cake pan could sit properly
- Family Circle Fall 2003 Magazine
- Knitting Stitches and Patterns book from 1972
- A novel called The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult which sounds like a good read
- A Red Heart leaflet called Crocheted Treasured Afghans
- A set of Wooden Round Handles
- 2 skeins of Lion's Brand Magic Stripes sock yarn
- A skein of Lion's Brand Trellis (ladder yarn) in blue
- 2 Skeins of a Boa type yarn in blue by Jackie Knitting Yarns
- A skein of 100gm WW Peruvian yarn she dyed herself in variegated colors of light blues, pinks with white
- A mini cross stitch kit
In the box she also included my blogiversary gift which was a lovely set of note cards she made herself and a book magnet from the whoduknit group.
Kitty News
My Solara loves when I rub my wet feet on her fur when I get out of the shower. After that I usually scoop her up in my big bath towel wrapping her in the "wet" towel and cuddling her in it. She purrs, kneads with her paws. Her eyes are all glazed over. I always wonder what she is thinking at this time.
I am going to see if I can figure out how to put a video on my blog. I have a really cute/funny one of Solara I want to share.

There is more I have to put on my blog after reading my emails. Some requests of my secret partners and a SP11 contest but I will do that later or tomorrow. I am now going to get ready to deliver Avon brochures and email customers for deliveries which have to be completed by Tuesday and money in the Avon account by Wednesday. This is one of those one week short campaign turn arounds that are even shorter due to the Labor Day holiday. Then they shut down the email service to improve it this past Friday the day after Avon arrived (at 9PM in the evening). With less than a week to do the brochure drops and deliveries in they chose Aug 24 to improve the email service. Maybe occasionally I have plans for the weekend? Why do they always pick on my district to short time us. It never fails. I have noticed that not this campaign but the next will be another week turn around. Then I want to look at my two new books, wrap & package my swaps for mailing, send some emails myself and KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!

Raveley Update
You signed up on July 6, 2007
You are #14564 on the list.
4211 people are ahead of you in line.
14133 people are behind you in line.
35% of the list has been invited so far


Jane said...

What a lot of fun you have had! The Silly Party and the Knit Out and your Knitting group! Your socks are great. So glad your parrot has found a friend! I really loved that project.
You are ahead of me in Ravelry - there are still over 7,000 ahead of me - I'm hoping it is worth tye wait!

Anonymous said...

Good Blog Penny!!! Nice to see my name finally in print. I hope your parrot. By the way, I think your parrot was a lady parrot. She fell in love and left home against her Mothers wish. Gosh, we could go on and on and on with this story, huh? Glad to see you had a good time ad your silly party. How come no pics of you?
The Knit Out was an excellent time, hope we attract more people next year. The day was absolutely perfect weatherwise.

noricum said...

That silly party is a fantastic idea! I'm sorry I missed the Knit Out, but I was up late the previous night, and my dad made plans with me for 2:00 that I didn't want to skip. :(