Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Once again I was off to Transcona. This time to visit my friend Luna for a BBQ, conversation and while there deliver her Avon. I packed my parrot to show her. I have explained to Luna how the group Whoduknit works. On my way to the nether regions of the city I stopped and delivered one Avon order, picked up some food items at the Bay which included a watermelon and some beans to share for out dinner. Then I got on the bus and traveled long enough to do four rows on my bag and VOILA I was Luna's home. She lives right at the bus stop. Well when I got inside and emptied my travel cart I schlepped with me there was NO RED PARROT!!!! AND believe me I emptied out everything including my tote bag. I thought OH NO my parrot has run off again. My nice friend Luna is suggested I probably left him home. Later that night once I got home I looked for MY RED PARROT and couldn't find him. Where oh where could he have gone to???? I looked at Solara wishing she could speak to me and she looked at me but, alas, she can't. This was Sunday night. Then I went to sleep figuring I would look some more in the morning for my lost parrot. I got up on Monday morning to Solara not feeling well. She upchucked about seven times some phelgmy stuff, was lethargic and didn't eat all day. Now with my RED PARROT missing and my knitting kitty Solara ill, YOU DON'T THINK?????? LOL "Anywho" my knitting kitty is feeling better today and I can tell b/c she wants her Temptation treats but my red parrot is still missing.

While at Luna's she gave me my belated birthday (February) and Christmas gifts. I gave belated gifts (birthday in March and Christmas) to her when she visited me a few weeks earlier. I love getting pressies and I certainly got some neat items.

As you can see from the photo I got two books. Way on the left is a cookbook called Italy and the other is Danielle Steele's new book The Kiss. I usually don't read her books as after I had read a few I found them all much the same. Luna also seemed to be tiring of her books but this one caught her interest again and she told me she felt this was a good read. I gave her the book The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography by Sidney Poitier for her birthday. I am looking forward to trying a couple of the recipes in the heavily photographed cookbook. Those two candles in the front have the longest wicks I have ever seen. They look nice in my living room. Along with the teacup, lid and strainer I received some Saskatoon Berry flavored Tea by Riverbend Plantation. Then there was a lovely pink scarf. I also received some food items including cookies (flax seed omega 3, ginger and another twisted like a small pretzel from Asia but it has been eaten already (yes in one sitting), VH Sweet and Sour Sauce some of which I had with my chicken pieces last night, and a large jar of pickled herring. Now there probably not a lot of you who like that but I love it. I also love pickled lox. I enjoy them both pickled and pickled with sour cream. My dad made the best pickled lox and pickled herring but he is no longer here and he didn't leave me the recipe. So visiting Luna was extra special this time. She shared with me a poem on being 80 which I will put on the blog also but as a separate entry.
As for our dinner Sunday night, in addition to the BBQ chicken, beans and watermelon Luna prepared rice and beans. To drink we had homemade ginger beer. Ah yes Luna is from Jamaica. And can she make some good ethnic treats. It was a lovely evening which ended all too soon.

Knitting News
I am working on the icord of my bag and then have to sew the bottom together, make the lining for the bag but first have the lovely task of sewing all the yarn ends in. YUK!!!! I think I have chosen a fun lining for the bag. What do you think?
So I have mailed my whoduknit package out to my secret partner, my sockamanaic hometown sock swap package and my special package out yesterday.

AND I received my partner's name in the secretpal 11 swap. I need to check out her questionnaire, her blog and to make contact with her later today or this evening. Why later you ask? Well I am soon to get ready to make another Avon delivery or two and go back to Transcona to see Cathy. Who know maybe I will run into my red parrot while there!!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you maybe leave your red parrot on the bus? Did you check Transit's Lost & Found?

Anonymous said...

The parrot flew the coop?

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