Sunday, August 12, 2007


I lost my red parrot but I found him and he is home now. LOL For my project after reading Nancy Picard's The Virgin of Small Plains I decided to knit a red parrot. Mitch had a red parrot in the story but when he left Small Plains his parrot was stolen by his girlfriend Abby. She kept and loved Mitch's parrot until there was a tornado and the parrot got loose. My red parrot got away also and there wasn't a tornado here. We had very heavy winds the other day but not a tornado. I went looking for my parrot. I found him in the bushes but was unable to catch him and bring him home until it got dark when I found him sitting on the fence. See photos below for the story of finding my parrot.
Here he is hiding in the bushes.

I sneaked up on him when he was in full sight.
I am getting close to him but he has that look on his face. She sees me and I've got to get out of here fast or she will take me home before I am ready.
Now it is dark and I am ready to go home. If I sit here my mom will find me. Oh there is my mom and I am ready to go home.
My parrot is safe at home and asleep now.

Knitting News

I have heard from my partners in the whoduknit tag sale swap and sockamaniac's home town sock swap and both packages are on there way to me. I will be mailing mine out Monday. I just need to tape up the boxes. Since there is no mail pick up on Sunday I will wait until Monday to take them to the postal outlet. I have another special package to mail but can't say who will get it as it is a surprise but a hint is, it is not a knitting swap. I have mailed my animal cloth package and mine is also on it's way. So there is going to be some more knitting goodness coming my way very soon.

While out this week I found some treats for my monkey sock swap three partner. I don't know who she is yet. I also found a lovely new sock yarn which I hope to make her socks from. That is if they fit in with what she likes according to her questionnaire. What do you think of the yarn?
The colors are not as bright as they show in the photo. They are more dusty looking. It is a new yarn. I purchased it from Leona's. It is from Universal Yarns and called Wisdom Yarns. The color pattern is Los Angeles. I have never heard of that company before. It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. There are 437 yds in the skein. It is so soft to touch. I got one for myself also to enhance my stash.
I also have picked up some goodies for my Pink and Peach August color swap. I am sending to the hostess of the group. I hope she likes what I have found so far. There are a couple more items I want to put in the package. Pink is one of my favorite colors.
I still haven't received anything from my ITE4 partner. I also haven't heard anything more from the ITE4 swap hostess this past week about whether my partner intends to send me anything. I guess I am not going to get a tote bag and goodies this time around. I wonder if the others who hadn't received their packages ever heard from anyone or if they eventually received something. There has been nothing on the group blog about those who haven't received packages getting something. Now why bother to join if you aren't going to follow through? For those that don't know there is a yahoo group and possible there is more than one yahoo group where your name goes when you don't follow through with swaps. Why would anyone want to have their name on that list is beyond me. I am a swap junkie and I take swapping very seriously!!!!

What am I working on?
I am still working on my Circle of Friendship socks. I have completed both heels and now am on the gussets of both socks. I am also working on a bag which will be a gift if I like how it turns out. It is about half finished.

It is from the bagaholic group which you can find here A photo of the finished bag is on the homepage. It is the August pattern of the month and you need to be a member to get the pattern which is free during August. I am using different colors than the photo of it on the group site. It is knit with cotton and Lion's Brand fancy eyelash. It is knit in one piece and the bottom is sewn closed. There are icord handles and it is lined. I like the colors I have chosen and think the person they are to go to will also like them.
I am looking forward to starting a scarf (tube scarf) shortly and my Jelly Bean Socks. I also need to work on my Victorian Lace Socks which have only four rows of cuff done on both of the socks. So many projects to knit and not enough hours in the day and night.

Ravelry Update

You signed up on July 6, 2007
You are #14564 on the list.
5815 people are ahead of you in line.
10241 people are behind you in line.
34% of the list has been invited so far

WOW There are "almost" twice as many behind me now.


shillelagh said...

Hi Penny
Your parrot is darling, and I love how he's visiting in the trees and on the fence. You have a great sense of humour. ;>)

shillelagh said...

Hi Penny
Me again... this time with my Ravelry statistics (grin).
I signed up July 3, #12,185
There are 3495 ahead of me
and 12,679 behind me.
Since I signed up, I've moved up 2347 spots. I'm patient and am looking forward to getting there. I'm not sure what name to use on Ravelry, any suggestions?