Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yes today I am starting off with:
Knitting Goodness
I received my Sockamaniac Hometown Sock Swap package on Wednesday and what a lovely package it was. Just check out my package and look at all the goodies I received. There is a Lion's Brand book called Just Wraps, two skeins of Rowan 4 ply Soft 100% merino yarn in a lovely blue color which will make a great pair of socks. This is a yarn I haven't seen at the LYSs in my city. There was also a skein of Grace in red (100% cotton), a most wonderful sock pattern, a sand dollar, body cream, two bags of Jelly Bellys, a container of Coconut Dates (and I love both dates and coconut), 10 tea bags, five post cards, a fridge magnet and there was more. The package was from California.

Then in the evening I went to Chapters and purchased a couple of British knitting magazines. I got Knit Today and Simply Knitting which came with a free tape measure with a picture of a sheep on it. A knitter just cannot have too many tape measures

Of course, with the good comes the bad. I had a headache start Wednesday evening and it turned into a migraine which I still have. This one is complete with the nausea. That is why there hasn't been an entry on my blog for a while.

Knitting News
I have lots of knitting news. I received my monkey sock swap partner so I can start on my socks. I even have the neatest sock monkey pattern to knit. I am not sure if I will be able to get it done but I will try. If I don't finish it on time I guess it will be mine. I also got my secret pal 11 partner. I have made contact with both partners and they have made contact with me. I also have my addicted to knit three month swap partner, my dishcloth and knitted food item swap from the love2knitdishcloth group. So everything is a go. Now I am just waiting to find out who my Knit One Tea Too, Fall Felted Bag and Christmas Swap partners are. I should know who they are shortly. I have a lot of knitting to do but I love it. Tomorrow is my Knitting groups KNIT OUT which is held at a local historic site called The Forks. It is from 10A - 4P. There will be knitting, gabbing and some gals will even bring their spinning wheels. The weather forecast calls for a nice day tomorrow; not too hot not too cold and no rain. Of course, that could all change by morning. I will take lots of photos and post some on here on my blog for you to see what fun we had. Maybe I will even win a prize this year as there are raffle draws for all who attend. I have planned what I am taking with me. I don't know how much knitting I will get done with all the gabbing and visiting with everyone to see what they are working on that will be going on but I will go prepared to do lots of knitting.
I was reading on the ITE4 swap blog that all five of us who didn't get a swap package from our partner will be receiving something from an angel. YEAH FOR ANGELS!!!!
I am still working on my Circle of Friendship Socks. I am now up to the foot on both which means I am half done on both socks. Here are the latest photos of my socks. This first one is of my progress to date.
This is a close up of the patter on the leg.

I have finished my tote bag which is a gift I will be sending in one of my many swaps. I think it came out nice. The first photo is the outside of the bag and the second photo shows the inside fabric I used for the lining. I didn't put any pockets in this bag.

I can now show the cloth I sent my partner Karen in the addictedtoknitdishcloth animal cloth exchange. I made her the hobby horse from the smarieknits blog which you can find here: I know she likes patterns from this blog. I know she also likes Avon so I sent some in the package with her cloth. I thought this was going to be a difficult pattern to do but it is very easy.
I never found my missing parrot. I called the transit dept and no parrot was turned in. I checked at the Bay both in the grocery dept and at the lost and found and no parrot was turned it. I also spoke to the one Avon customer I stopped at before I went to visit Luna last Sunday but she hadn't seen my parrot either. I hope he is happy and safe wherever he has gone to.

I am going to end this blog entry with photos of my darling knitting kitty Solara. I hope you enjoy them. In this first photo she is biting me but when I talk to her she stops and just keeps her open mouth on my arm doing nothing.
In this photo she says look at my pretty nose and lip. Don't forget to check out my cat eyes.
AND in this last photo she is saying this is my better side. Aren't I pretty?

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Diana said...

Regarding your lost parrot. Did you check with ? It is a volunteer group that gathers lost and found ads from hundreds of source throughout the country.

Your parrot may be listed there and you don't even know it.