Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am just besides myself. I can't believe it. It usually happens to other people but this time it has happened to MOI!!!! I almost fell off my chair when I read the email.

For those of you who read my blog and who check out the links I list, do you remember the webs contest link where you would win this?
Lantern Moon Project Bag with all sorts of goodies:
8 Skeins (2 each of 4 colors) of Huntington Sock Yarn
2 Sets of DPNs
A bottle of Eucalan
A Tape Measure
Hand Balm
A Pin
A Catalog of Sock PatternsA $75 package!!!!

Well guess what? Guess who won it?

YUP I WON IT!!!!! Now that is certainly how to start a day.

Those who know me and those who read my blog know when I moved into my townhouse there was a new gas stove and fridge. My place was completely renovated. ONLY the stove didn't have a grill pan and tray. I have been trying to get one since last June when I moved in. I have been given every excuse you can imagine from people take them when they move out and they are too expensive to replace when previous tenants take them (since the stove was new and no one was living here when the new stove was delivered who would have taken it?) all the way to maybe b/c they stoves were bought in bulk at a reduced rate they didn't include the broiler pan and tray. I tried to explain that would be like providing a fridge without the racks to put the food on or the stove without the burner rings or the trays in the oven. Since this is gas stove to use the broiler under the stove once you pull out the draw you need those missing parts to actually broil. All they gave me was the metal rack to put the pan and tray on. Well I got a phone call today from the office and there is a broiler pan and tray at the office for me now. The office staff called to say she tracked down the supplier and was told something about it was forgotten. I did tell them when I went to pay my housing charges this month they should check up on it not just say they would b/c if the pan and tray came with the oven and I don't have and it they paid for it then they aren't getting what they paid for. Where are all those inspected by numbers when you need them?

AND it keeps getting better. Tonight I went knitting at Mona's. While I was there Tania gave me a beautiful stitch marker. I let her have one of mine this past summer. She chose a butterfly. I was NOT expecting to be given one in return. It was a lovely surpriseDespite having a good day I have been fighting a migraine with the queasy stomach yet. I was feeling not to bad at knitting but once I returned home I could feel it just waiting to start again.

I brought my new swift i purchased from ebay to Mona's tonight for show and tell and tried it out. Here it is winding some lovely alpaca yarn. I can't believe how inexpensive it was.

If you are interested you can check it out on ebay. Scroll down to find a link or just search for swift on ebay.

I have heard that Knit Picks has ball winders on for $20 US, of course, and they have a handle in case you want to hold the ball winder when you use it. You can still clamp it to the table. I had planned to purchase mine from Mona's. I discussed this with Mona as I felt bad not getting it there with my gift cards but she seemed to understand and explained that since she had a shop she needed to carry a few at all times. I found out these new ones she received came with an increase in their cost. I think my eyes spied $50 on the box. BUT I did use up my gift certificates on some yarn I have in my stash in the back of the shop. I don't think you could possible imagine what I chose or what color. I will post pictures tomorrow but a hint.... PINK and SOCK YARN. I probably didn't have to even say that much as you all most likely know my taste by now.

While at Mona's tonight I added to my stash bag in the back of the shop. I picked out yarn for my felted tote bag exchange partner. I have to finish a knitted gift before I start that. I will work on my Salida socks when I finish what I am knitting now until I get the yarn for the bag. Then I will work on both of them.

So tomorrow I will order my ball winder from Knit Picks with a gift certificate I have. I will no doubt use the entire gift card to make it worth ordering. There are a few books I am interested in, magnetic pattern holder, Harmony DPNs and I could go on and on.

While at Mona's I asked more friends to Solara's party. There could be a house full here on Saturday evening but from previous invitations I know everyone doesn't show up. Even if it is crowded I am sure everyone will have fun. Oh and there won't be any red wine.

This evening when I came home from knitting I noticed I received my partner for the ravelry tea swap. She lives in Belgium and the person sending to me lives in England. Soon I will be able to open my own tea shop.

I even got an email card this evening from my SP who says she is sorry for being so late in mailing her packages and feels she is in the dog house. She adds I should be getting a package by Friday. WOW that is only a couple days away. The card is very cute. Even though her first package was very late, it contained that wonderful pink yarn with sterling silver which not only did I fall in love with but several others have also.

Knitting Goodness

Solara received her Ravelry Kitty Valentine Swap package on Sunday and she was in the box in a flash once it was opened.

Look at what she got. This is already missing a feather.

She loved the stuffing. I am going take another photo since this one is a bit blurred and exchange it in the next few days.
Here is what I got. Isn't this a lovely tin?
Look what was in the tin.I got a note pad and pencil and a package of pink ribbon tissues,
some heart shaped candies with cute sayings such as 2 CUTE and HOTTIE,
red, white and pink buttons in a clear container and,

yarn called Sweet Pea from Yarntopia Treasures on ebay. It looks like sherbert to me. I just don't know what the content of the yarn is.
Both Solara and I were very happy with our packages.
I hope I haven't forgotten to post any swap I received. If I have please let me know and I will correct that.
I did take some videos of Solara in the box and playing with her new toys, that is how I know I needed a new flash card for the camera and a thumb drive to store the photos on. I had no more room to take a photo of her with her goodies. BUT I do have a photo of her washing her mouse. I even have a video of her washing her mouse. I will get the video on you tube and on my blog shortly. I have too much of a headache to play with it on window movie maker first.


kadezmom said...

Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you. And then to have such a wonderful run at Monas. Whooo hoooooo!!!! Enjoy.

Aunt Kathy said...

I tried to comment earlier and couldn't get it to open up, weird huh?

I saw you won the WEBBs prize and was thrilled. I love seeing someone I know win.

And I wanna see the PINK surprise you mentioned too, you know I LOVE pink

Ursula said...

What a day! Congrats!!