Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I think that is an apapro title for this blog since I am going to write about knitting goodness and knitting on the needles.

I will start with Knitting Goodness

I received my cocoa swap package and was told there is another package on its way. This one didn't have my blah buddy buster and boy could I use it now with the awful cold weather we are once again experiencing. None the less I did receive some wonderful goodies in my first package. Look at it all.

I received the Knitter's Bible. It is a smaller but a complete version of the larger regular size book. Only. this book was part of a kit and came with needles, fun fur yarn, ribbon....... see photo. I was thinking of getting this book eventually.
I also got kitty note cards, a note pad with my initial on it, and a kitty note pad that comes with sticky notes.
This is a bar of French milled soap but I think the poor kitty's ears were frozen in transit to me as that is what a kitty's ears would look like if left outside in this awful cold weather we are having.

OOH OOH OOH candy. I love the little Valentine Hearts with saying on it. As for the cookie. Oh well it is no more. It is just a cute empty tin now.

I received this cute little project bag perfect to hold a pair of socks and two pair of anklets. Check out the design on one of them. It has darling little mugs of cocoa on them. I can't wait for spring so I can wear them. AND best of all they won't be tight on my ankle and make big indents like most socks do except those that are hand knit. Did you also notice the PINKness of these?
I got yarn gorgeous mouth watering yarn. It is Cherry Tree Hill Orenbury Lace yarn. This very small skein has 600+ yds in it. There is a lovely sheen to it when you hold it and see it.
Of course, this being a COCOA SWAP, I received Cocoa. This tin of Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa isn't the kind you add water to either!!! AND I also received two individual packets of mint chocolate my favorite kind.

AND I am getting another package too.

On Monday I received my final SP package. It turns out that my secret pal was my secret pal Emily in a previous swap (a tea swap). Oh and she too was in the Cocoa Swap.

I received two fantastic packages from Emily. If you remember the first had the awesome "Silver" yarn from Dye-Version with the sterling silver in it among other goodies. Oh and I did get a second skein of the "Silver" yarn so I can knit another Clapotis. I even had Mona at my LYS speak with Dye-Version about seeing what she can carry in the shop. So this next package contained more wonderful treat for me which included candy, two little Lindt bars almost eaten now, more incredible yarn. This yarn is the same color as my "Silver" but is called auLait and is made of 50% MILK and 50% cotton. YUP you read that correctly. It is made from MILK.

I also received this lovely scarf kit. It is the Garden Pinwheel Scarf Kit complete with hand dyed 86% kid mohair and 14% nylon yarn, needles from SWTC needles and stitch markers.
Here is the label of the scarf kit. It is from Lakeland NB Canada.
I received a crocheted pot holder.
Here is a close up of the pot holder.

I received a knitted dishcloth too.

Here is a close up of the dishcloth.
Tomorrow I will have photos of the yarn and beads that came with my Roxie socks. Having read the pattern booklet (yes booklet), I think I may need a degree to do these socks. First they are toe up which I haven't learned yet. AND you cast on with a Turkish cast on. There is always something new to learn in knitting. I have read the pattern a couple times and until I am familiar with it I guess it is something I will need to work on when it is quiet.

What am I knitting?

I am working on my Salida Socks. I hope to have a photo of those tomorrow also. I am almost finished with the first 25 rows on both socks, I have just six more rows on sock #2 to do.

I have started a hat for Tatiana called the Frivol. I only have three rows completed but it is a start.

I also have my February Lady Sweater on a Denise cord but that uses the same 8US needle as the Frivol hat does.

Every now and then I do a few rows on my Cavendish Serape Shawl but it too uses an 8US needle.

I really need another set of Denise Circulars!!!!

I have a pair of Flat Feet Socks on the needle also.

I have decided to take the yarn for the bag I am knitting and then will felt for my partner in the ravelry felted bag with me to work on when I to to the retreat a week from Friday. I am considering taking my "Silver" yarn with me if my ball winder from Knit Picks arrives and I am able to turn my skein into a cake. It should be here by the end of next week. In fact, it may even be here by the end of this week.

I also finished a few items but I again I can't say until they are received. One was mailed Monday and should get to its destination by the end of next week. The others haven't been mailed yet.

Remember those potato chips I knitted and felted for Joy? She dyed me the most fabulous yarn in exchange. I got to see it before she mailed it. I am soooo excited. When it arrives I will post photos but you can always go and peek at it on her blog here

While visiting Joy's blog I found this.

Do you like to sew? Do you like to sew aprons? If so check out this blog I love to sew and I do so enjoy sewing aprons. My first favorites to sew are totes, bags, children (especially little girls) clothes and to quilt. I haven't done much in sooo long I may have to learn how to sew again!!! Well that is if I can find my sewing machine.

A week from today I have to go and have my two gastroscopes done. One is to check the polyps in my stomach and see if there are any bad ones among them all. Apparently, I have a lot in my stomach. The other with a different scope, called a side viewing scope is to check the head of the pancreas and the ampulla of vater area again for polyps. If any are found they are removed and biopsied. Last year they removed a couple from both areas. One that was removed with the side viewing scope was an adenoma. BUT it is gone and I hope no more have grown in it's place. How I dread this test. Even thought I am given a whole wack of medication, way more than the normal average person gets, I still wake in the middle of the procedure gagging and choking. I am still having them only once a year but the year has come around too soon. It is time again. Since my knitting fiber retreat starts Friday March 2o wishing it to come soon only means I am wishing this test comes quickly also since it is taking place on Wed March 18.

Next week will be another busy one with the test, my Avon that arrives Thursday evening for me to pack and then Friday start delivering it before I leave for the retreat

I try to be disciplined and make my bed daily. I don't always succeed. The other day Solara slept in so I didn't get to make my bed.

I hope tomorrow to get on the blog all about the Princess's "pussy" party.


Faluche said...

Wow, great swaps you got, lucky you ! Cocoa swap, hey, have to look up that one, sounds yum.
Take care on those gastroscopias ... poor you, I also had one last year. Silly me wanted it without sedative ... urgh ! I nearly choked and panicked ...
but, please let them be done every year, you really need to check on those polyps, my friend !
Big Ravelry hugs,

Aunt Kathy said...

You do such a great job describing all your treasures. I'll pray you stay asleep through that whole test on the 18th.

What campaign are you selling on Avon? I am a trend setter so I am on camp 10, sometimes it's hard being a month ahead of everyone, I mean I start selling Christmas stuff in October.

kadezmom said...

Lots of eye candy. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm setting your pal up with me ;-) What a great swap package!