Monday, March 16, 2009


WOW What a busy weekend I had. That is why I didn't get to post on my blog.

Saturday afternoon I went thrift shopping at the Sally Anne and Value Village which we call V V Boutique. I found some real good bargains. I purchased some tops, bottoms and in the men's department I found a pink Hoodie. I consider them bargains b/c all the items were in MINT condition. I even got a pair of pants for $4.00 at Wal-mart. Then when I got home I freshened up and went to a social. I rarely go to those any more. I met my girlfriend there and she had a seat saved for me. Where did we sit?????? Right on top of the speakers. Needless to say I was deaf when I left. Sunday afternoon I submitted my Avon order online and went for dinner at my friend Paula's. While there I did a couple loads of laundry. I am still saving for a washing machine.

AND now I am stressing over my scopes on Wednesday.

BUT I want to post my swaps and again thank my wonderful swap partners.

I will start with my Cocoa swap as my partner has been most patient with my tardiness in posting. Her name is Kate.

As you know Kate had already sent me a wonderful package but she went and sent me a second even more wonderful package than the first. I don't think anyone can say they had as wonderful a partner as I did. Check out this second package which seemed bigger than the first one I received. Can you see my blab buddy peeking.
Here is what was in the box.

Yes these were my mugs but they arrived broken so I wrapped them up carefully so when they were taken away no one got cut from them.

Now close up of what was in my package. I received one skein of 12 ply mohair made in New Zealand,

one skein of SWTC Melody a ribbon yarn with 400 yds in the skein,
one skein of CherryTree Hill Bunji Merino in colorway winterberry. There is 910 yds in this eight ounce skein of this ribbon yarn.
AND there were also two skeins of Regia Silk Color sock yarn.
HMMM HMMM Yummy yarns.

I received another set of Denise cords. I am soooooo lucky especially since several of mine have been catching the yarns where the black part joins with the blue cord and then there are a couple cords that don't hold the tips securely anymore which is quite dicey when you are in the midst of knitting and they seperate. Now I need more tips. It is a shame they don't sell tips separately like they sell cords. I have three projects going with the #8US tips right now.
This is what I received as extra cords. I feel so extra specially lucky.

Last but not least is my blah buster buddy. Isn't PINKY sweet.

I received my WEBS prize. It is just like the photo but only nicer. Here is what was in my prize package.

First I received a small bottle of Eucalan no rinse delicate wash, a WEBS tape measure to add to my collection and a tin of Blue Sky Alpaca Hand Balm which says it contains almond oil but when I applied it, it smelled a little like Hemp.
There were two sets of bamboo DPNs.

The cutest little sheep pin.

This wonderful Lantern Moon Bag which is much nice in person than in the photos. I have had many compliments already from people who have seen both the photo and the actual bag. AND it really holds a lot.

Here is the selection of yarn I received. There were two skeins of each a dark brown, light brown, blue (deeper than photo shows) and black. I will put the colors separately on ravelry. These yarns are very very soft.

I recieved a WEBS catalogue and these sock patterns.

I am still in awe that I won such a lovely prize. Looking through the catalogue I found a pattern I like but I also found HIGH LIGHTER TAPE. I have been looking for that and haven't been able to find any.

I also finally received my Roxie Sock Kit. I am going to need a degree in sock knitting to do these. First it is toe up using a Turkish cast on and then the pattern is an entire booklet.

This is the Roxie Sock Kit.

This is the yarn for the socks. It is bamboo.
AND here are the beads. I also received some Jaggerspun Zephyr yarn for the beading as the silk content makes the yarn stronger. The beads consist of silver-lined pink rocaille bead size 10/0 and frosted silver-lined light grey hex beads size 8/0.

I am sure I will enjoy the beading part of these socks. It is the pattern itself. I will be good and read it AGAIN before I start the knitting. I do have a couple of projects before it first.

I have discovered my secret pal has received a notice she can have her last package redelivered or she can pick it up. I am excited to see if she is pleased with what I sent her. So soon you also will see what I sent her.

Solara likes to sit on the bridge table in the dining room next to the wall dividing the dining room and the kitchen and watch what I am doing. Here she is doing that.

Here is the photo not showing her close up.

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