Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well I am so glad it is over. My test is done for a year. I do know they found some adenomous tissue in my duodenum but until the biopsy comes back that is all I know and that some polyps from my stomach were also removed for testing (apparently I have a stomach full of polyps). I need to call the doctor and remind them to send me a copy of the pathology report when they get it for MY records. AND yes I did wake during the procedure needing more sedation. I am sure that is why I end up with a sore throat. If I could sleep through the procedure I wouldn't be fighting the tube. OH WELL. I know I started off with between 5 & 10 of Versed and 100 of Fentanyl but was given more of the Versed when I awoke. I do know for one procedure I had to be given 14 of Versed before I dropped off to sleep. It is very strange as the nurse injects the medication in the IV and you are talking to her and then it gets hazy and next you know you wake up.

So now I am getting ready to go to my GP for my monthly B12 injection and get a referral to see the plastic surgeon. I have seen him many many times before and have been told "just call for an appt when you need to come in again, you don't need a referral" but all of a sudden they want a referral. So I will get that today also. I need him to check my left middle finger which won't bend and also several (seven) lumps and bumps I have. He has removed numerous lumps and bumps already. Some are sebaceous cysts from my illness and others apparently are lipomas. I have had a few very large lipoma's removed, in addition, to the many smaller ones. I think these are in the small range to middle range and definitely not as large as the one I had in my back. The largest of them is annoying and about 2 - 3 inches above the right ankle protuberance bone. I even was on the ball and called for my mammogram when I didn't get my letter to go for my appt. I remember going in March every other year but last time it was April so that is why I haven't received my letter yet. I now have an appt for April 30. It is part of the screening woman over 50 get in Manitoba. They are done every other year.

While out I will get 4L of milk to make rice pudding to take to the retreat and come home to make not only rice pudding but also magic bar. I have a bottle of red wine I will bring but I do need to get some 7 Up to mix it with. Then I need to put labels on my Avon brochures and pack the orders when it arrives this evening so I can get some deliveries done tomorrow before I leave for the retreat.

HMMMM I guess packing would be a good idea. Now should I have a larger suitcase for two days of clothes and toiletries or my knitting projects????

It is now 1AM and I can finally finish this post.

Rice pudding is made as is the magic cookie bar I am bringing to the retreat. My Avon is packed and ready to be delivered tomorrow. Of course, not all of it as I don't have a car and have to hoof it. Three orders were even picked up this evening. My clothes and blankie are washed just not packed. My toiletries are also packed except for what I need tomorrow (my face cream). I just need to decide on which bag to take. NOT suitcase bag, pocketbook bag. I got two new ones from Avon b/c I couldn't decide. One I can't take if I decide to keep it since it is white but the other is PINK. Or do I take my old black bag. I have chosen what knitting I want to bring too. I am bringing my Salida Socks, the bag for my felted bag partner, my new Clapotis shawl I started in hospital waiting for the procedure using my new "Silver" yarn and my February Lady Sweater. HMMMM do I need to bring more to last until Sunday. Remember it is a woman's perogitive to change her mind. I also am bringing my new Knit Picks ball winder and new swift. AND I am bringing an Avon basket of goodies for the auction table. I put some really nice goodies in it. I just need to pick up clear wrap tomorrow after I finish delivering my Avon. I must remember to take need two birthday packages to mail when I head out tomorrow.

Knitting Goodness

On Tuesday my Knit Picks package finally came. This is what I ordered and received.

First I ordered two books. I have always wanted this book and I finally got it. It has such cute little fruits, vegetables and people you can knit.

AND I also wanted this book. It has some interesting articles and a great dragon pattern. There are a few other nice patterns. It is very expensive if you don't get it from Knit Picks. Not a lot mind you but a few. It s a great coffee table book and there are a lot of lovely photographs. I am like a child I love picture books.

I received my Knit Picks Ball Winder. PHEW I figured with my luck it would be back ordered but my luck as not been too bad recently. It not only has a clamp but it also has a handle. AND for people like me who take a while to figure things out by the handle it has an arrow that says turn this way. LOL Oh I am holding it in my hallway. On the other side of the wall to the left is the kitchen and to the right are the stairs ,going up is behind me and going to the basement is in front of me..

Here is my set of Harmony DPNs. I hope to eventually get a second set as I contiue to knit my socks two at a time but on DPNS. I rather use two of the same brand needles when I can.

This is the magnetic chart holder I ordred. It makes reading the charts much easier than leaning over the TV table. You can't actually see the chart b/c my Salida Sock pattern is on it. Thanks to a knitting buddy Donna I really didn't have trouble with the wandering cables b/c I colored each of the three different cable patterns a different color. That sure made it easier to follow that looking at all the slanted lines and wondering if I did it correctly.

AND I got some yarn. I ordered two more skeins of yellow Palette in Cornmeal just in case someone asks me to knit them a bag of potato chips. Now I have a question about knitting potato chips. One of my friends did ask me what I would charge to knit her a bag of chips. She though it would be fun if she was putting a basket of food together as a gift to include them. She doesn't knit, crochet, spin, dye yarn or do crafts so I can't do an exchange with her. Okay, what is a good price to knit up a bag of chips?

I also ordered and received two skeins of Shimmer which is a baby alpaca and silk blend lace weight yarn. It is light as air and very very soft. The color is Galaxy.
This purchase was possible due to a wonderful gift certificate I received a while ago and have been saving for just the right time.

I would have liked to get the new Cookie A Sock Innovation book but it isn't available until March 31. There were a few other books I would have liked among lots of other items.

AND even though I live in Canada I didn't pay any shipping which was another bonus. I heard there was FREE shipping in Canada in March but that was after I received my treats.

Oh yes how did Solara feel about me receiving such a lovely package. What do you think?
I forgot to show off my NEW rubber boots. I purchased them Saturday at Wal-Mart for $24.99. Being I hoof it a lot and have to deliver Avon and the puddles now and for the next few weeks are large and deep I thought these would do the trick. That is until the bumps on my toes get larger and I need a larger size boot I also got another sheep to add to my ever growing collection on Saturday the day of Solara's "pussy" party. I need a name for her. Isn't she sweet?
She is thick and fluffy.

Now I can show you what I knit for my secret pal BJ and sent in her third package. I knit her a Challah Cover which I found on her ravelry queue. I can't tell you the particulars as the name of the yarns I used until I find the labels which I misplaced.
Here is the back of it. I did it in fair aisle as I found this much easier than doing it in duplicate stitch. I did use duplicate stitch for the two stitches on two letters on the bottom of the row and I was pulling out my hair doing just those four stitches!!!! I also have turned the heel and decreasing the gussets of both Salida socks.
There is definitely a chance that I will get these finished by the end of the month.
Soon it will be time for me to go on my Wooly Winter Fiber and Knitting Retreat. I am going to Delta Marsh about an hour out of the city tomorrow (Friday). I am being picked up between 4P and 5P. I am so very excited and it is because of a generous gift from another knitter who isn't attending as she isn't from here and has left our fine city last week.

I AM SO VERY EXCITED. LET THE FUN BEGIN AND YES I AM SHOUTING from my rooftop. Well I am would be if I could get to my rooftop so I am shouting from my computer. I have signed up for the FREE course in soap felting to learn something new to add to what I know, the FREE course on making a mobieus and also the FREE course on using a drop spindle. I am taking a paid course on Estonia Lace ($10). Yes even though there are NUBs (baby sized bobbles so baby sized tumors) I don't like bobbles because they remind me of tumors. By taking the course I thought I might be able to get more help in chart reading. I don't have to knit those Estonia Lace Shawls that have nubs. There are some without them.
I hope you all have as much fun this weekend as I plan to have.

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