Saturday, February 28, 2009


I hope your day hasn't been like this.
More great photos can be found here

Anyway if you are having a day like above go here
for a chance to win a lovely skein of yarn. It is nice and would make me happy also as I am sooo tired of all the cold and snow. It is spring yarn. I sooo would have loved to win the previous contest yarn. When you see it I am sure you will agree. BUT, alas, I didn't and will try again. I love her yarns and some of the yarns also found here

One day I hope to be able to spin yarn and also spin yarn with stuff in it. I not only would need a spinning wheel with a "large" orifice but also a drum carder to be able to card some of the fancies in with the rovings and fluffy stuff so they can be spun together. That would mean two spinning wheels . One can dream

Solara says to say hello but she wants to remain in her felted bed having a nap. I did take a video of her holding her mouse and washing it today.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh did I have a day like that!!! Maybe even worse. I think I'll go check those other links too.

What a great picture though

mysteri1229 said...

woo-hoo - wtg Penny!! gonna stalk your blog to keep on top of these contests!!