Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Solara really enjoys playing in tissue paper. This tissue paper and the floor has been sprinkled with a little catnip for a little more amusement for her. You may even hear her purring. You can give this video a rating on you tube also.

The mess the tissue paper is in was done by Solara after many times playing with it. So Shelagh now you know why she looked like she did and seemed so tired when you came by today.

Knitting Goodness

It has been a long time and I need to post my wonderful swap package I received from Malgosia in England which came last month and I have been very tardy in posting. She has not only been thanked but a personal phone call was made to her. She has been away and should be home today. so it is a good time for for me to post this. First I received three lovely dishcloths.

a menorah dishcloth,

(this dishcloth is actually in blue),
and a butterfly.
I received a Christmas decoration.
There was just a ton of wonderful different teas. AND candies wow. Three large Lindt bars of chocolate: Dark Ginger, Dark Chilli and Dark Madgascar.
Malgosia even sent me Karma solid perfume from LUSH which is great (as I can't find mine anywhere so now I have another). One of this Avon lady's favorite scents.
There was the most interesting cross stitch pattern of the University of Oxford Original Coat of Arms something you just can't get here. It is so nice to receive items you would not otherwise be able to get.
Even Solara my furchild princess wasn't forgotten. She got three toys one being a "mouse" that moves when you pull a string.

What Malagosia did for me was just wonderful. I ordered some yarn from England to knit an Orenburg shawl. I found the shawl pattern in the July issue of Simply Knitting. When I first read about it I just fell in love with the yarn. It is fine goat down and and plied with a strand of spun silk only when I was reading the shipping information on their website it seemed they didn't ship across the pond. Thus, I figured I would knit it with other yarn ONE DAY. I was not as enthused to knit it with a different yarn than the one shown and called for. BUT when I got Malagosia as a partner I asked her if I ordered the two skeins of yarn and had it sent to her would she send it to me in my swap package. She agreed. I was so thrilled. I ordered it to find out they would have sent it to me but I just needed to email them to find out how much it would cost which would have been a lot more than I paid. So here is the yarn and pattern photo which is also on my ravelry project page.
AND here is a close up of the yarn.

Yes the shawl has been started. I have done about 12 rows and am using an Addi Turbo Lace needle size 4.5mm. It has been put aside temporarily due to needing to complete something else with a deadline. In fact I have several knitted items on a deadline. None can be shown as they are for other people and I don't want to give anything away. BUT when they have been received I will post photos on my blog and on ravelry.

In my next blog I will show some more knitting I am or have done. A swap I sent has been received and so I can blog the hand knitted item now. Also, a birthday package received needs to be blogged.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh that yarn is beautiful. I'd be afraid I'd ruin something as delicate as that, wow.

Monica said...

AWWW Solara is absolutely hilarious and so adorable!!

P.S. Thanks again for the amazing swap package!

Aunt Kathy said...

You did great editing the video too, Solara really enjoyed that paper and the homemade pipe cleaner toy.

Pheelya said...

That video is too cute!!