Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tonight I received the most incredible gift you can imagine.

Mona at my LYS consignment shop Wolseley Wardrobe is putting on a Winter Wooly Retreat in March. AND as much a I would love to attend I still don't have a washing machine and the money from my income tax refund along with monies from stuff sold on consignment at Mona's is for the NEW washing machine which is a priority item needed.

When it has been really cold out and Mona is at the shop knitting with us I usually get a ride home from Mona. Tonight after most everyone left and I was gathering up my knitting Mona called me over and said she had something for me. You will never guess what it was. One of the gals at knitting that night paid for me to go to the Winter Wooly retreat in March. I was stunned, shocked and was speechless. For those who know me can understand how that is an almost impossibility for me to be speechless. Then she showed me the paper where it was said it was paid for. Mona said I was to know after she left to go home from our knitting group but I know who she is. There are some really wonderful people in the world.
If you are reading my blog please accept my many thanks for giving me this most wonderful gift.
I was quiet composed at Mona with only a few tears but once I got home into my safe abode there was a flood of them and it is making this a difficult blog to write.


I want to share with you a very funny video of cats and olive tree wood. YUP not only do cats love catnip and honeysuckle but also olive tree wood that is made into bowls and probably other items.

Pet Hall Of Fame:How To Make Cats Go Crazy

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