Saturday, February 14, 2009

Potato Chips

Some of you have seen and even touched my potato chips. Hey I am talking of knitted potato chips not a secret code of any kind. Aren't they interesting. AND they have no calories and lots of fiber!!!!!
Here is a close up. They were knitted for my whoduknit Santa Cruise by the Higgins our December 2008 read project. For exactly why I knit them you will have to read the book. It is very easy, quick and a very fluffy mystery without much heavy duty content or character depth. I knit and mailed out a bag of chips for someone who asked me. I have also knitted a bag of chips which I mailed to Jane for her to put in the whoduknit prize locker in case someone else is hungry for low calorie fiber.

This post up to here was written on Valentines Day and has been sitting in my blog unpublished. I don't know why I do this.

So I will just add some more recently knitted projects and then start another blog entry.
Solara was in the Kitty Valentine Swap. I knit these and stuffed them with catnip for Solara to send to her two partners. They were very easy to do. She tested them and approved of them.

Here is Solara checking out her box of goodies from her partner Moe. She is still waiting to receive another package.In the Cocoa Swap 2 we were required to send our partner a blah buddy buster to help with the winter doldrums. I sent my partner Shirl the Sheep. I also made sure she was warm for the winter including knitting a hat and leggings for her. For the warmer weather which I hope will come very soon I also knit Shirl the Sheep a shawl. More information for all my knitted projects and on this pattern can be found on my ravelry page .

I also was in the ravelry color swap and again we were required to make something for our partner. It didn't have to be knitted. I chose to knit and sew my partner Dante's Purse. The next time I make this bag I will knit it in feltable wool and felt it which will make it firmer able to stand better and have a firmer bottom. It was an easy knitted and sewn item. I knit it larger than the pattern calls for.

I do have another item I have finished knitting for someone BUT until it has been received by my partner I will NOT post a photo here or on my ravelry project page. Those who knit with me have seen it. I am very excited to be able to mail this particular knitted item.

I found these items I knitted and have yet to post so they too are now on my ravelry project page. They were knit several years ago.

This is called Textured Caplet and is a Ram Wools FREE pattern. I have to put on the buttons when I find some that fit with the wonky buttonholesDuring the FUN FUR craze I knit this for myself. I also knit one as a gift in a swap package.

I knit two of these called Carol's Butterfly Collar from the Knit 'N Style June 2004 magazine. This one is black was knit for MOI. A green one was knit for my friend Helene in Florida. It was another easy knit. The red doesn't show as much as this second photos makes it appear to
AND I am still knitting my February Lady Sweater. I have about two or three rows until the third buttonhole. Then the yoke will almost be complete and I will be up to the Gull Lake Lace pattern. I will take a photo when I have completed the yoke.

I have knit 10 rows on one Salida Sock and 25 rows on the second Salida Sock. Once I have 25 rows completed on the second sock I will take another photo.

I will now post this and finish the next one I have started.

AND as I look out my window I see it is snowing out, lots and lots.


JoyB said...

Hey I just happen to maybe know who requested those amazing chips LOL. These are just too cute. I really think that you should do up a pattern and sell it on Ravelry. I would be more than happy to promote it on my blog. Those are just fantastic. I also loved looking at all the prizes you got from various swaps. I do quite a few of them as well and am always amazed at the great stuff I get. You posted about your Feb Lady and I want so badly to cast mine on but I have a child's sweater to finish first. 24 more rows and I can start mine. I too am doing the Salida sock pattern. We will have to stay in contact as these progress. Hugs. JoyB

varun said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves

Anonymous said...

I lurve me that bag you knit for the colorswap! wow... it's lovely!

Have you received your cocoaswap package yet??? just checking in...

noricum said...

Yep, I'm once again catching up on your blog. ;)

I love your potato chips, and Shirl is *adorable*! The bag and white collar are lovely too. :)