Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yes it is my feline furchild Solara's birthday. Today she is two years old. She should have had her party this weekend but with Hilltop and all I had to change it to later this month when I have finished my visits at Hilltop. Does she looks like she even cares I had to delay it? HMMMMM........when did I order these two books??? I obviously ordered this from the Crafters Book Club as it seems to be buy one and get one free and NOT the special of the brochure. I just can't remember ordering them or mailing the form in to get them as you need to mail a special form to get this special when it is offered. LOL Even with the cost of the postage they still came out cheaper than if I purchased them from the bookstore. I usually only order from the catalogs when there is a really good deal as buy one get one FREE or it is something I MUST have. I still think Knit Picks books are cheaper especially now with the dollar the way it is. I am hoping that this year again they will put their books on sale discounted further than they already are. How wonderful it was last year when they were further reduced beyond their regular reduced price.

AND even though it is Solara's birthday the postman delivered "me" a large box today which contained this. Now you are asking what is it? It is my mystery skein. The idea is to wrap goodies inside the yarn for a one skein project. Of course, you send the patten to go with the yarn. Here is the pattern for the yarn I received. I received a lot of goodies inside that skein of yarn including all kinds of knitting accessories: tapestry needle threaders, point protectors shaped like socks, double ended stitch holders, a boyle stitch per inch guide along with needle sizer, a yarn cutter, yarn needles, editible treats including tea, instant energizer tangerine drink mix, delicious dark chocolate the elixir of life (no honest that is what the label says), and beauty treats which included a nail file, essence of purity white tea lavender soap and yummy anit-bacterial moisturizing coconut lime verbena hand cream from Bath and Body Works. All this was wrapped in the pink yarn. We were also required to send a mystery book in our swap package as this is a whoduknit group. I received Carl Hiaasen's Skinny Dip. AND since my partner lives in Oregon she also sent me two very thick local magazines.

On the pattern she wrote me a note which said, Dear Penny, Hope you have fun with this! You probably already know who I am , so i am giving NO Hints......... Picked the pink to go with your hair. (cute eh?). The name on the package is only whoduknit but since she had to list the address I want to thank-you Stephanie for the lovely package. You never wrote about it on your blog. BUT then I usually don't either so know one can figure out who I am. BTW I love everything and the chocolate is yummy. Tomorrow morning I am going to try one of the tangerine drinks. I hope if I am your secret pal in a swap, you like what I send you as much as I love the goodies you have treated me to in the two swaps you were my secret partner. Stephanie was also my whoduknit Trick and Treat secret swap partner.

Again it has been cold in my apt. I don't want to even mention the lack of an overhead light in the LR having me live in darkness this past Saturday and Sunday since I don't have working lamps. So Solara had the right idea. She says can you find me?

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noricum said...

Happy birthday Solara!