Monday, March 24, 2008


My stomach is doing somersaults and my nerves are frayed as it is only a day away now. For what you ask? Until I have my two gastroscopes. I have two, one scope which goes into my stomach and the other scope to check my ampula of vater (pancreas). It takes so much to snow me I am always so worried I won't get enough. Not that I want to wish my life away but at this time on Wednesday it will a done deal until next year about this same time. The only prep for it is that I can't eat after midnight Tuesday. I can have clear liquids until 8AM Wednesday morning. So wish me luck because if the schedule isn't delayed by noon the test will be over. Then I may need a sleep at home but in the evening I hope to go out with a couple of friends. I know I will sleep good on Wednesday evening.

It is hard to believe it is spring and Easter was yesterday. I saw snow coming down from the sky this afternoon. It was not an in your Easter bonnet kind of day yersterday. I had heard that Easter won't again come this early for another 100 years. So I am glad I did get to experience it. I do try to have some of those once in a life time experiences if they are not too dangerous or illegal.

Despite my nerves, the early Easter, the snowy day today I have been busy knitting not cleaning BUT knitting. I have completed the main part of my special project and also an just about finished with a birthday present that unfortunately will arrive a few days past the birthday. Would you believe I ran out of yarn and will have to get some more tomorrow.

It seems there are several gals that have received their monkey pals in the Monkey Swap already and I am one of them. I am busy deciding on the color and the yarn to make the socks in for my pal but also on the yarn to send. I already have purchased the Cookie A pattern I will send and a few monkey items. There are a couple more monkey items I am on the lookout for. I only hope my partner will be pleased with her package. I always worry that my partner won't like it or says she does but actually she doesn't. I try very hard to be a good swap partner. I will just continue doing what I always do until I hear otherwise.

I will soon be receiving my Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap partner. For that we need to make our partner something "spring". So if you readers out there have any idea don't be shy about letting me know what would be good to make and send.

AND I continue to put photos in my ravelry stash and project pages. I am also still delivering C#6 Avon orders and C#7 Avon brochures. I had hoped to have it completed by now but there are so many people who are not home when they say they will be and then there are those who went away for the holiday weekend and I couldn't get in touch with that I am stuck delivering again tomorrow and Thursday before I put the Avon money in the bank. If only the weather were nice it wouldn't be so bad.

AND for Solara's friends who are wondering where she is, she is on the hard bathroom toilet seat where she spends most of her time it seems.


Rebecca said...

I hope your gastroscope goes well.

And, I'm sure your Monkey Pal will love your package!

Jane said...

The gastroscope does not sound like any fun at all. I hope you are all recovered!

Rudee said...

I hope all went well for your scope. At the very least, I hope you woke up wondering when they would get it started only to find it was a done deal. I hope they found nothing but healthy stomach tissue.

I will be sending your surprise swap goodies next week.

Be Well,