Friday, March 21, 2008


I finally finished my Hilltop study. It started on February 14 in the afternoon with one visit. Then we had two visits a day including Saturdays and Sundays until Wednesday March 12. My appt were at 9:20AM and 6:20PM. On Thursday March 13 we began our once a day visits in the late afternoon an hour and a half earlier than our previous afternoon/evening appts which went until the last day Monday March 17. Mine was for 4:50PM. It was a long study and a major commitment but the pay was excellent. Mine is put away for my co-op fee. I did call them and found out I am still #5. Yes there are four ahead of me yet and I will have been on the list four years as of April 1. The first three have been on the list since June 2003 and the fourth since Feb 2004. Then there is moi!! Maybe when they call the people ahead of me they will have found another place, had babies so the two bedroom is too small for them or even moved away. Then they will call me and the packing will begin. Wish me luck. I really need to get out of the apt. It has gone downhill so much since I moved here in 1994. AND it is time for a new place also.

Here is Solara sitting where she shouldn't but she likes to check everything out.

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