Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This evening after Hilltop I took the #10 bus to Mona's which I can also take home instead of the #11 home but instead of going home I went to Woseley Wardrobe and knit with the gals there for something different to do. While I was there I worked on my special project. It is very close to being finished.

It was fun and I checked out all the new yarns Mona has recently received including cashmere sock yarn Crystal Palace maizy and panda cotton sock yarns, other new sock yarns, recycled sari silk, Fiddle Sticks yarn and Hand Maiden yarns. Her new shipment of Baby Merino and her order of Noro sock yarn is not in yet. AND for those waiting to read what I purchased, I didn't buy anything this evening. I have no money and have to pay bills. SO BOO HOO!!!!!

BUT this past Friday when my friend Genie came by she brought an unbelievably large cone of a boucle yarn she got at the Sally Anne for all of $2.99 Here is just a strand of it. I am sorry it is a bit blurry. I am going to have to learn how to use the close up on my camera better. Genie mainly crochets and feels there is enough for each of us to do a shawl. A crochet one for her and a knit one for me. LOL Do you see the amount of yarn on that cone????

This afternoon was interesting as I got to ride on the new tandem or articulated bus. We will be getting them next year I heard the bus driver tell someone. I could have sworn I saw someone sneak in the back door. Anyway, I stole this photo from noricum's blog. She took it when she rode it in January. I found it seemed wider and more comfortable but then it was an off time and hardly any people were on it. We need them on my route.
AND Solara had another meeting with her new friend. She is very interested in getting to know this kitty more so than this kitty is interested in knowing her. The kitty isn't as big as Solara who weighs in at 12.6 lb.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Solara! Penny, I must apologize...I thought that the Scavengar Hunt Packages would have to be mailed by 3-7, not arriving by, so your parcel will go out tomorrow but coming from South of you and across a border it might take a bit. I do hope the package makes up for it!

Hugs, Your Secret Pal

noricum said...

Hee hee... I saw the photo before I finished reading the paragraph above it, and thought "gee... that photo sure looks familiar!" ;)