Tuesday, February 26, 2008


BUT I did manage to be the third runner up. We had a contest going on in our Avon C#5 brochure. The object was to sell the most bubble baths. The large JUMBO sizes (700ml) were on for $4.99. I sold 23 and I know I sold 23. I know because I counted each one as I sold it so I would know how many I had sold when I was asked. This was a contest after all. The person who won sold 100 and she seemed to know she sold 100. The second place winner says she is she sure she sold at least 25 bottles. Notice she didn't say she knows b/c she counted them but she is assuming she sold that many. AND we all know what happens when we ASSUME don't we. Our manager could go back and check but most likely she won't. I don't mind coming in third. It is just if you know it is a contest on your word and you are required to know how many bottles of bubble bath you sell before you get to the meeting you should have counted how many you sold!!! Oh what was my prize? It was a bath mat and a pink carnation. Princess of bubbles received a cape made from a plastic table cloth with blue and green big circles (AKA bubbles) and two plastic margarita glasses with the same circles of blue and green and pink carnations. The Queen of bubbles won a bath glove to represent her royal glove, a bath loofah on a long handle (to represent her scepter, a play tiara and, of course, pink carnations. While we were standing up receiving our prizes three new Avon reps were blowing bubbles around us. If I had to choose I liked the prizes given to Princess Bubbles best and I don't drink margarita but the glasses were nice. Then we had our picture taken. Then those of us who made PC were given carnations. Sue my Avon manager gave to two gals at one of the table and then stopped a table and gave one to a lady sitting there just because, walked by me at the table I was sitting at and so it seems I was left out. Needless to say add this to the fact that there are now signs up all over not to spray the perfumes as a rep can't handle the smells and I was not happy when I left the meeting. I go there to feel the clothes, see them and the shoes while checking for size and quality. Since we no longer get to see any of them, the amount of demos has decreased dramatically and now we can't smell the new scents Avon has put out I am thinking it just may be a waste of time to go to any more meeting. When I first started our meetings were a lot of fun. They lasted way too long but we learned so much. I guess I was just very annoyed as I had checked my invoice online before I left and found there were about 50 items, over $370 in shorts this campaign. Of the four remaining items shorted from way back in November of 2007, a customer cancelled one and can you blame her, two are being delivered and one remains on the short list.

BUT there was a bright side to yesterday when I got home in the evening and checked my mailbox. I received a gift from SP 11 Lisa in Toronto. She sent me a little something for my birthday, two Lush products. We have a Lush here in our Polo Park Mall but I have yet to go in. I am afraid I will find too many things I like and I sell Avon. My gifts included a container of talc which I always use after I have a shower or bath. It is called Silky Underwear and the description of it is "Tiny grains of cocoa butter lightly moisturize the skin while the jasmine velvet-scented powder dust you down with a smooth silky coating." Sounds like very interesting, exciting and sexy talc. I will be using it once the one I am currently using is finished and that will be soon. I also received a little bottle of Shower gel for body and hair called Snow Fairy which has the following description "Candy floss pink and sweet as sugar with iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitiness". I love sparkles and who wouldn't love wicked fruitiness? I will have to wait until my Hilltop study is over March 17 to use it as we are required to only use the soap they provide us with during the study. It is Dove. Wasn't it sweet of my SP 11 Lisa to think of me on my birthday? Thank-you Lisa. My mail lady is off ill and deliveries are made quite late in the day or early evening. Again today I left the apartment at 5P for my Hilltop appt. and the mail hadn't arrived. BUT today on my way to Hilltop for my evening appt I stopped by the postal outlet to pick up a package. Just because the mail carrier comes late doesn't mean the truck delivery comes late. I wish he was today. He was at my place about 10 minutes before I got home from my morning Hilltop appt so I had to go and pick up my package. My package was from Anita and it was my whoduknit holiday package. I found in the box two mystery books (Fanny Flagg's A Redbird Christmas and 'Tis the Season to be Murdered by Valerie Wolzein)two books I haven't read yet, a few recipes from Luchow's, some wonderful home baked cookies and an origami suncatcher. Receiving packages back to back sure can help one feel better. Both those packages certainly have put a smile on my face.

I hope this puts a smile on your faces. Window Washer(wmv)

Here is another funny. One I received from several different people. http://www.newsday.com/news/opinion/ny-walt-babyboomers-blurb,0,1036393.blurb

For all my friends and friends of Solara here are some wonderful photos of her and my pink carnation. Can't you hear her just thinking this, Am I as pretty as this flower? Here she is up close and personal with my pink carnation. I wonder what she is thinking but I do have an idea.
Should I taste this flower?No I don't think my mom will mind if I have a small nibble.
I will have to be quick if I want to touch it now.

A quick touch before she catches me.
BUT oh it feels so soft.

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The flower is ALMOST as pretty as Solara Sprinkles Sparkles.