Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It is about time. I haven't made the last three Hilltop studies I tried out for in the fall. Thus, I stopped trying out for them BUT I made this one and is it a good one. It is very time consuming but the money at the end is just WONDERFUL. My co-op share fee is just about covered with this one study. Hilltop has never had a study paying so much. AND being it is considered an honorarium, well, you know what that means.
AND that is not all that is good.

I have received goodies.

Knitting Goodness

I received my prize for guessing the name of the stitch of a cloth in the love2knitdishcloth group. I got the cloth I guessed and it is really nice. it definitely won't be touching a dirty dish or a pot.

I also received a lovely magnetic bookmark. I find the magnetic bookmarks the best. You get lots of use from them before they are demolished and they are not that easy to loose.

I also received my whoduknit prize from the December A Farewell to Yarns project. I received two skeins of some lovely pink Knit Picks Shine Worsted which is 60% Pima cotton and 40% modal. The color is Snapdragon. It is oh so soft. I also received a pattern called Penny's Mystery Knit Kit. I think it is a dishcloth as it only has 36 stitches and the appropriate number of rows for one. HMMM show I do it in this lovely pink yarn or just a plain yarn and save this for a nice toy or baby item???? I also received a book. I haven't read it and want to as it is the first in the series of the Claire Waitkins mysteries. I read Bone Harvest as one of the whoduknit monthly book reads last year and it was very good. When I am finished with this book I will then pass it on to someone else to enjoy. I need to put my thank-yous on the proper lists.

Well I am going to end this as it is really old sitting in my draft area of the blogs and start another post.

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