Tuesday, February 19, 2008


YUP I have again been tagged. This time by Jane of http://janevdoviak.blogspot.com/.
This is a very easy one for those of you I tag.

The Rules
1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages.
2.Open the book to page 123 and find the 5th sentence.
3. Post the next 3 sentences.
4. Tag 5 people

I have just finished reading Cat Deck the Halls by Patricia Roussea Murphy. It is her newest book in the Joe Grey PI mystery series. It is a fun series to read.

Following the instructions here are the lines.
Pedric leaned against the wall, the thin old man getting his breath. Ryan put her arm around Lucinda. “Are you alright?”

BUT "almost" following the instructions above and using page 49 and lines 5 - 9 which I like better and I think are more fun. LOLOLO
Kit's Lucinda and Pedric Greenlaw, being early risers, would soon be out of bed to make her a nice breakfast. Dulcie was thinking of a quick little snack in the kitchen, without rousing her housemate, and then crawling back under the warm comforter besides Wilma-of not waking Wilma, unleashing a barrage of questions and receiving another lecture. But Joe Grey, racing home along the plaza wall, was too hungry to wait for Clyde’s alarm to go off. He meant to wake Clyde at once and demand a good hot breakfast. Eggs, bacon, cheese and anchovies-the works.

HMMM how different those three are.

I am tagging the following people:
1. Cathy at http://tryintaknit.blogspot.com/
2. Vigdis (who has many blogs)
3. Stephanie (yes you again) http://shewhomust.blogspot.com/
4. Anne (yes you need to post again and this should help) at http://madlyoffinalldirections.blogspot.com/
5. crochetaholic Deb at http://crochetoholic.blogspot.com/

Have fun and I will finish the post I started before this shortly. I am just too cold to continue now. I need to go and warm up.

AND for those of you who adore Solara and want to see a photo of her, here she is curled up tightly sleeping on the granny afghan on my bed.


Crochetoholic said...

ok I did my tag...that was easy...and fun....I am almost finished with my book...:) If you like to read a lot you should be in my book swap group....DaBookLady's Swap....http://dabookswap.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Solara Sprinkles Sparkles should be wearing her mink coat when your apartment is so cold?