Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am not sure where I was at in my head when I wrote in my last entry under #15 of my favorites that it was Patchouli oil I liked not that I don't but I meant to write one of my favorite scents was Woody Sandalwood Oil (from the Body Shop). AND I have added a scent I forgot to put in originally. It has to be that age thing. LOL

Now that was done I will say I had a friend over this past evening and I got some lovely belated birthday gifts. No, none of them were yarn but just as nice. Items I love. I will post photos tomorrow I mean later today.

AND, of course, I will have a photo of the furtoddler who should be up as cats are nocturnal, but is sleeping probably what I should be doing. I think I am going to knit and have a cup of tea first. It is cold in here now so a cup of tea and the heated pad on my lap should help me warm up. It is -27C outside and with the wind-chill factor it feels like -43C. YIKES. So without the radiator on in the apartment it is quite cool in here yet again!!!!

AND can someone tell me why spell check on my blog doesn't work and how I can get it to work again?


kasiaiscarly said...

spell check hasn't worked on blogger for me for a while now, either. i cut/paste into word to spell check.

noricum said...

My browser does spell checking for me... perhaps your browser has a setting for spell checking?