Sunday, February 10, 2008


The heat was off for over five hours last night and it has been off for almost the same amount of time this afternoon.

My coffee isn't warming me up as much as I thought it would. I am even wearing heavy socks under my down slipper booties. The floor is so very cold. AND my brief trip to the bathroom was a horror. It was like going to an outhouse. I kept thinking I have to put my bare butt on that cold toilet seat. My fingers are so frozen now I can't knit or type so I will come back to this later.
I should be making dinner but I am too cold for that. Too cold to even heat last nights left overs. That is because I am too cold to put my hands in the fridge and take the slow cooker pot out and put it on the heat element. I guess I will have to nuke it later when the apartment warms ups. Maybe I can hold my book and read with the little electric heater I have right in front of me. Maybe I will have to read it in my bed under the covers on the heated cover on my sheet with the heated gel pack next to me. I know as soon as I get under the covers Solara will jump off the bed.

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