Tuesday, December 4, 2007


....since I haven't blogged for so long. I think I will start with today and add the past as I go alone.

This afternoon I went and had my B12 injection so that is taken care of for a month now. AND I showed my doc a lump on my right wrist. He thought it could be a lipoma, a cyst or a ganglion. I have had several lipomas removed, many many cysts removed and also a ganglion removed but that was on the inside of my left wrist. Then he pushed and squeezed it some more and said HMMMM I think maybe a cyst as I think I can feel some fluid. If you want I can stick an 18 gauge needle in next month and see if any fluid comes out. My face turned white and I felt weak in the knees. Stick a hugh needle in my wrist that I need for knitting to see if fluid comes out. If there is no fluid then that would eliminate it being a cyst. He knows I use it a lot and knit a lot. He also knows I am not going to let him stick a hugh 18 gauge needle in me even with some lidocaine if I can help it. I first saw a new doctor who may end up working there and then I saw my doc. It was funny they did their chatting about me after I saw the new doctor with me present consulting with me and my doctor checking this new lady doctor didn't miss anything. BUT I will say doctors don't know how to give an injection. My arm still hurts. You have to give a needle with a sorta dart throw. I am not sure if that is how to describe it but it is definitely not putting the needle to your arm and stabbing you. Anyone can give an injection like that and those hurt. Sorry that is the nurse in me speaking.

After I came home I did some sewing very little just some lining for a swap package and wrapped some gifties up for packages and then got ready for my Avon party.

This evening I went to an Avon party with Santa, gifts, and line dance instructions. There was only about 12 of us but we did have fun. It was a pot luck meal each of us bringing something and also a gift for $5.00 which was given to us by Santa, (Sue's Husband). I got a box of yummy yummy After Eight Dinner Mints. I wrapped up a tin of Tim Horton's coffee to bring and put it in a gift bag. I was happy with my gift and the person who received mine seemed extremely happy. We also brought a tin for the bin to be donated from the Avon ladies of district 672. There was a ton of food to eat and, of course, lots of Avon talk including about all the shorts we receive and especially the shorts at this time of the year. My Avon order comes in to be packed on Thursday evening and in the one of the boxes will be a gift from Avon for me. Yesterday I got a Christmas card from Avon in the mail.
Her are some line dancing photos BUT you won't see me in any.

AND here is Sue my Avon manager. She was taking a photo of me while I was taking this photo of her.
OH and yesterday I also received this: It is my Coffee Swap 3 package from Allena. I am going to try to wait and save it to open on Christmas. You may see me show other sealed packages and write that I am going to try and save them so I have a lot of goodies to open sometime after I get up on Christmas day in several more posts. You will have to continue to read my blog to see what goodies those boxes contained. Allena also received her package from me yesterday BUT she opened hers. I am very glad she liked all the gifties I sent her.

I have mailed out other swaps which include Harvest Sock Swap, KnitnPlay, Whoduknit Holiday Swap and Hand Dyed Yarn Swap 2. I have received confirmation from Canada Post that my partner in the KnitnPlay has received her package only I haven't heard from her myself. Here is a photo of what I sent her. Here is a close up. I discovered the Ram Selkirk doesn't felt as well as Paton's Classic and Galaway. I hope she likes her bag and the goodies I sent her which included an Avon Cinnamon Bun candle and Celestial Seasoning Dessert tea so she can have some treats without excess calories, sugar or fat, a knitting magazine, small scissors great for snipping yarn ends, a nail emergency kit and some Avon lip balm.

I have heard from my Harvest Swap partner that my package is now on it's way, my Christmas Around the World was mailed a while ago, my Hand Dyed Yarn Swap 2 package was mailed and should be here in a couple of days since it is coming from Canada and my Monkey Swap package was mailed but I don't know if it includes the socks as I couldn't understand from her email if she hadn't finished them or hadn't even started them from her email she wrote me more than two weeks ago. BUT according the the group hostess she has mailed something to me. It is a bummer to read about what others get and see such lovely photos while you wait and wait and wait and hope you get something and are not stiffed. I do understand that life does happen BUT I don't understand why people join and don't follow through and play nice. It is not only bad for the person who gets nothing but also for the hostess, the person who puts the swaps together, everyone in the swaps as they feel bad when others don't receive there packages and are so thankful it wasn't them that was stiffed, and the swap reputation. Well enough ranting.

BUT I also received another puffy yesterday which I opened. My puffy was from Susan L in the addictedtoknit dishcloth group where we are completing a three month swap. This was the third and final package.

The package included a lovely triangular cloth, a soap sack with what looks like two pecans or walnuts, a bookmark and some Grits. I have some southern in me. I love grits. I do have to admit I am not that crazy for the Cheddar flavored ones.

Tomorrow morning I am off to try out for another Hilltop Study (which is visit #1). If I make the study it will begin on Sunday but again you have to re qualify for the study. There will be a total of 17 more visits with three on each day Sunday - Wednesday, two visits on Thursday and one on each day Friday - Sunday. Wish me luck.

The latest photo of my hussy cat Solara. I know it looks familiar but it is a new photo taken yesterday.

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