Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yes, it has been a while since I have posted. I have a new computer BUT I am not sure of it yet. It was better I think before I tried to install my old CD Creator 4 and download a firewall update from Panda. It turned out I don't have the Panda firewall but the Microsoft firewall that comes with service pack 2 on Windows XP. If only I was told when I took my computer home after it was built. I had to bring it back to the shop and have them fix that and reinstall Panda. Then I had a hard time activating my Panda again. I just have no computer technology, There still seems to be a file from CD Creator 4 that can't be taken out. I tried installing it so I could access the jewel covers I made using that program. I also tired installing CD Creator 5 but it didn't work either on the new computer. Also, the software for my scanner was installed but it turned out the scanner motor wasn't working so I tried to uninstall the software and some of it still is in the computer including the program listing when you go to programs. AND the print on this computer seems to be too small and I keep changing it but it doesn't seem to want to stick so I have to switch it every time I open up the first page when I go online. So much for the new computer. I got it home the first time only to discover my monitor is slowly dying also. The colors on it could make you blind. Occasionally and only occasionally is the color good. So any photos I put on the blog I can't tell exactly if they look good. I have to admit that it is much much faster than my old computer was. BUT at least I have a working computer for several more years.

I also got a new computer desk. It was an early holiday pressie from my friend Genie. Her boyfriend put it together for me and as he would get up he would lean on the desk and I could just see it breaking again. He did a fairly good job. He only messed up with one bracket and screw which he stripped or something. The one connecting the shelf to the the desk that holds the tower. It needs to be puddied he said but he hasn't come back to finish the job. That is a guy for you. BUT thank-you Cliff for putting the desk together for me and thank-you Genie for getting me the desk. I would have been typing on my coffee table if not for the early pressie.
Here is a photo of my new desk. It is a photo of the picture on the box. One thing I am having a hard time getting used to is the fact that the monitor is on a shelf above the desk and the keyboard is on a shelf below the desk. I think that is another reason for not seeing the print as well. I am not too sure this monitor is for this particular desk. It will just have to last as I have no more money to get another monitor at this time. I finally even organized the area around the desk and eventually will get to tidying up my apt. that would make me feel so very good.
Some knitting news and Solara photos in my next posts.


Arwen said...

what is raveley? I've been hearing so much about it but I can't find it?

noricum said...

When you uninstall are you using the "uninstall" that came with the program, or just dragging files to the trash?

For the monitor, check what the resolution and refresh rate are set at... perhaps they're set to something more than the monitor can handle. (It would be an odd coincidence for the monitor to die at the same time you brought home a new computer, making me think it's the settings.)

Also, if you set the monitor settings to a lower resolution, the text will be bigger on the screen. ;)

Tammy said...

Happy to see you back, just wanted to let you know your hand dyed yarn is on its way! Tammy

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back, we missed you.

Penny said...

Thanks Tammy I am looking forward to seeing it safe in my apt. You know how the mail can be. You should be getting yours in a day or so also. It is usually three to five days delivery time when delivered within Canada.

Penny said...

Thans Janice. See you Wednesday evening at Chapters.