Friday, December 21, 2007


YEAH!!!!! And I am still expecting four swap packages I guess from that you can do the math and figure I have received some in the last couple of days. Nothing yet today though. On Wednesday I picked up my KnitnPlay package from KyleAnn and yesterday I had my Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package delivered all the way from Japan. WOW this is my first swap that I received a package from so far away. I can't wait to open it and it will only be a few more days until I can open my swap packages.
OH NO this has been sitting but not published. So sorry about that. Sometimes I leave my blog while I am writing in it to go and do something else. Then time passes and I forget I am working on it. When I shut down the computer it just ends up sitting there waiting for me to finish it.
It is now Christmas eve (Monday). I have received a puffy from Connie from the dishcloth group holiday swap in my mailbox this afternoon. I will open it later. AND also today Purulator came by with the two items I got from Avon using up my 11 credits before they expired. For nine credits I chose a Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex Toaster Oven and for two credits a Hamilton Beach Protor Silex Sandwich Maker/Waffle Iron.
I wrote to my Harvest Swap pal to see if she received her package I mailed back on November 23. PHEW!!! She said she has.
Other news since I started this entry last week is I found today reading my blog I won a pair of sock blockers for my bookmark for the whoduknit Dead of Midnight project I knit. I have always wanted a pair of sock blockers and I finally have a pair. Of course it will be 2008 when they arrive and isn't that a wonderful way to start the new year.
AND I did finish Solara's sweater. Either she can't walk in it or she dislikes it so much she is slinking around when she has it on. I think it is a bit of both. I don't think I did the arm holes correctly but it does fit.
I still have three outstanding swaps to receive, my whoduknit holiday swap, my love2knit dishcloth group holiday swap and my weluvknitting package four of four.
I finally received the item I had ordered for my SP Rochelle third gift. I ordered some Lorna Laces Shepard's Wool Top for her. I had other items here but wanted to send them all together. First I was told it would take 4 - 6 weeks and when the six weeks rolled around it became 6 - 8 weeks. I was beginning to give up hope it ever was going to get here for me to package and mail. BUT it finally did arrive and I was able to mail it out and get it to her before she left for NY. I was told when I mailed it Tuesday December 18, it would take four working days to get to her in Toronto. She got a card on Friday and picked it up on Saturday. She seemed very pleased with her package and the wool top and I hope she truly is. The top certainly was lovely. I ordered it having only seen a photo of the color I chose on the computer. I mailed another puffy the same day to the Toronto area also and was told it would take three business days for that to get there but I haven't heard if it was received. I really hope so as I can't find the receipt from the postal outlet with the tracking number.
Remember how that postal worker from you know where told me in no uncertain terms the two packages I was mailing were not going to get to their destination in time for Christmas since the cut off passed by a week. The date then was December 12.
WELL!! they did!. My package to Sharon in weluvknitting had an attempted delivery on Dec 22 and they left a card so maybe she has gone away for the holidays and the package to my friend Rori in Florida was delivered this morning!!!


rmj318 said...

Merry Christmas, Penny!

Allena said...

penny, you got the knitter's coffee swap 3 package ages ago and you were waiting for Christmas to open it... sooo did you like it? waiting anxiously and nervously!

Anonymous said...

So, where's a picture of Solara in her sweater? The blog's not a blog without a picture of her!!!

Hope your day was good and you had fun opening all your swap packages.


LadyLungDoc said...

Freaky - I know Rochelle - and my upstream was her downstream pal.

Small world!